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A Little Game Design Exercise

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I was bored today, so I decided to jump into nanDeck and make some pretty general (albeit vague) cards. Then, I couldn't decide what to use them for.

So, I thought maybe you could use them. How about a little game design exercise/contest? Take a look at the cards, see what you can make of them, and come up with a game using them. Post a little blurb about it here. This is just to get the creative juices flowing. Sound alright?

The cards are in the pdf attached to this post.

And if you don't feel like coming up with a game, post some constructive feedback on the other posters' ideas.


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Interesting Challenge dnddmdb

(Also sorry you are getting spam - posts)

So I looked at the cards and I came up with something...

6 player card game (So you might need more than 36 cards?) maybe a double deck?

What really caught my eye was the stars and the red-dots in position related to those stars. I was thinking that it could be a trick-taking game but without the ordinary turn rotation - that the dots in relative position to the stars would tell what player played next on the trick. So rather than rank winning the trick maybe the 6th card always wins the trick.

The start of the next trick would be played by the player referenced in the "winning" card of the last trick.

So it is a game about always trying to be picked as the last person of each trick... but sometimes you can pick yourself (if you have a card with a red dot in the middle of the star and you where the 5th person, you would then also get to play the 6th (winning) card).

I would probably play-test so that points count for you one round and against you another round. I would also try it with teams...

I'm not sure what to do with the suits. maybe players have to follow suit if they can... or maybe they get bonus points for multiple cards in a suit but it doesn't restrict play.

Give it a try...

Matthew Kiehl

John B
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My Game

Thanks dnddmdb, this definitely beats working this morning.

I took a look at the cards and this is what I came up with.

Two player game where the objective is to get a card for each of the six dot positions.

Cards are shuffled and 3 cards are dealt to each player and the remaining cards are placed face down on the table to form the draw pile. Players decide who goes first and a single card is taken from the draw pile and placed face up on the table to form a discard pile.

Players alternate taking turns. On a players turn he can do one of the following:

1) Take a card from the draw pile and place it in his hand and then discard to the discard pile.
2) Take the top card from the discard pile and place it in his hand and then discard to the discard pile.
3) Declare that he is a star and place the six winning cards face up on the table in front of him. (He needs a card with each of the six different dot positions).

The winning player gets the point values associated with their six winning cards. They also get a 20 point bonus if their 6 cards consist of two diamonds, two hexes, and two triangles.

Players keep track of the score and play until a player reaches 100 or some other agreed upon total.

As a strategy, a player may not always want to place a winning hand down immediately if they feel their opponent is not close. They may want to try to replace winning 1 point cards with 5 point cards. They may also try to replace symbols to get the bonus.

Let me know what you think…


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Rummy type game

How about a rummy type game based on runs of stars and dots or sets of the corner symbols. Players must play a run of three stars with the red dot in progressive postions around the edge, and a set played by having three cards or more with the same symbol in the corner. Not sure what to do with the center dot. Points are scored after one player gets rid of their hand and goes out.

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