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Looking for a Partner

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I have been toying around with a game where pirates take over ports.

This game is someone like RoboRally a game no longer made but where you roll dice and try to attack your enemies. You would however have the ability to have different maps with different ports and possibly have the same map with ports in different places. I am looking for someone to work with. I have most of the rules set I need a partner to help me with map design and pieces I think i can make a low budget prototype to game test with friends and in the games store by where I live but other then that I am dead in the water right now.

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As someone who has developed

As someone who has developed a few basic games, I would definitely recommend getting at least a sound board someone who will hear out your ideas and develop them to the next stage.

When you say partner - are you asking for someone on a business capacity or someone with the specific complementary skills you need to take the game forward?

You can always pay for the design and equipment. Just work out a simple budget you can offerd and see if there is anyone willing to work with you.

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