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Looking for similar games to this concept

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A friend and I are working on a new design. It is intended to be huge - played over multiple sessions in a narrative driven format. The game is set in space as the players work as defectors from an insidious political entity that is trying to dominate and enslave the known planets of the galaxy by "friendly" means (eg- open up trade, provide support against allies,etc, and then seizing control when the opportunity arises).

What I need to know is if there is anything similar to what we want to do mechanically out there. Here are the base mechanisms:

The game will play in 2 missions. Mission 1 is a shoty tutorial, playing in about 90 minutes to give players an idea how the game works, etc.

With mission 2 we want to have essentially sandbox play. It is intended to take 20+ hours to play mission 2, which will have a dynamic saving function and clear end conditions. There will be a carefully crafted event deck which will drive the narrative, as well as a large (8 to 12) group of independent planets to interact with as players move around the map. If course there will be NPC ships of all colors and stripes too. But my primary concern is, I want to know if another game does this same sandbox sort of thing, mostly because I want to see how they do it. Does anyone know one?

Grall Ritnos
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Xia comes to mind

I'm not familiar with games with the level of political intrigue that you're talking about, but whenever I hear sandbox and space in the same sentence, my first thought is Xia: Legends of a Drift System ( You might also want to check out: Merchant of Venus (, Firefly ( or Star Wars: Rebellion ( if you're not familiar with any of those titles, as each are multi-planet space games with economic/political elements.

Sounds like a really interesting project! Best of luck in development!

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From what you describe, I’d

From what you describe, I’d recommend looking to video games for inspiration. There are a lot of great mechanics in video games to be found that can translate to board games.
I’d look at RTS games and mmos as the former are typically campaign to conquer and the latter are not restricted to timed matches.
Eve online if it’s still around would be a space based mmo to check out.

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