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Macro: The Micro Card Game

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The following game was inspired by the macro command buttons on the hot bar in various MMOs.

It's a pretty straight-forward win condition of reducing your opponent's HP to 0.

There are three type's of cards


Each player controls an Avatar, which starts face up on the field first. Avatars have the following attributes

Health Points (Max 9)
Ability Points (Max 9)
Attack Type (Melee or Ranged)
Race (Human or Spirit)
Type (defined by Race + Attack Type)

Each Player also has a hand of 9 cards (in addition to their Avatar) which are a mix of Item and Ability cards.

Item cards have two attributes, An effect and a "Cool-Down" time. After an Item has been used, you place it face up on the field upright and at the start of a round the controlling player turns it's 90 degrees clockwise. When an Item card has been turned the same number of times as depicted on the card itself, the controlling player returns it to his hand. While an Item is cooling down, it can't be used again.

Ability cards, like items, also have a "Cool-Down" time as well as other attributes such as

Ability Points Cost: You reduce your Character's AP by the same amount depicted on the Ability Card to activate this card.

Attack Type/Race: Characters may only activate ability cards provided they share the same Attack Type and Race. Not all Ability Cards have an Attack Type or Race, instead they just have a blank space, provided your Character's attributes match the Ability Card's existing attributes, it can activate it.

Charge: Similar to a cool-down except the Card is played face-down, can't be activated until the Charge is finished and while Charging, a Character can't perform any other action.

Order of Play

Rounds (turns) are taken simulantaneously, Each Player performs a cool-down on each item or ability they have played. After that, you can move your Character to the front row, if in the back or to the back row if in the front (All Melee attacks done by and to a Character in the back are reduced by 1)

Then each player plays one item or ability card face-down, when both players have done this, the cards are flipped up and their respective effects are activated. (If an Ability with a charge cost is played, it isn't turned faced-down. Just 90 degrees clock-wise to note it's charging value.) After this players return back to their Cool-Down phase and repeat the sequence of events again.


Max HP/AP: 9
Max Cool-Down: 4
Max Charge: 4
Min Cool-Down: 2
Min Charge: 2

Basic Types (defined by Attack Type + Race)

Warrior - Human/Melee
Archer - Human/Ranged
Shapeshifter - Spirit/Melee
Mage - Spirit/Ranged


I was suggested by someone to have a Cutesy variety of High Fantasy, so I imagined something like this:

Also some basic ideas for card templates, tell me what you think:

Thoughts, Suggestions and Criticism all welcome!

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