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Make sustainable design fun - card game

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Feedback appreciated!

Compete against your friends to see who is a sustainability champion by creating the most environmentally friendly home. The Ecohaus card game is designed to simulate real world considerations, such as costs vs. benefits and project specific design constraints. These cards can be used as a design aid and ideas prompt for designers. Includes over 50 individual cards, covering a range of sustainability initiatives that will make your home more energy and water efficient.

Cards include:

• Solar Photovoltic System • LED Lights • Solar Hot Water System • Geothermal Air Conditioning • Ceiling Fans • Micro Wind Power System • Rainwater Tank • Composting Toilet • and many more!

Game Rules:

Start game by placing a Climate card face up in middle of table. This represents the location of the building. Shuffle remaining cards and deal 6 cards to each player as their hand. Remaining cards becomes the draw pile. Player take turns playing cards starting from left of dealer in clockwise direction. Each turn, player draws a card from the draw pile and then has the option to play 1 Constraint card and/or 1 Initiative card from hand with the aim of achieving one of the goals of the game.

A Climate card - sets up the initial constraint of the game. These cards aim is to teach players to adapt design to different locations. Climate cards include Arid, Tropical, Temperate and Alpine.

A Constraint card - specify a characteristic of the site and may constraint what sustainable initiative is suitable. When played, stays face up in middle of the table and is effective to all players immediately.

An Initiative card - specify a sustainable initiative that a player can implement, each with specific cost and value. Some may have special functions as well. When played, stays face up in front of the player and contributes to his score. Each Initiative card carries a Cost of implementation as indicated on card. To play an Initiative card, player must "pay" by discarding cards from hand equal to the Cost number into the discard pile. When the draw pile finishes, the discard pile gets shuffled and becomes the draw pile. There are currently 4 categories of Initiative cards – Building Design, Building Materials, Energy and Water.

The winner is the first player to reach one of the goals below: Get to 12 points in any one category; Get to 6 points in all categories; Get to 22 points in total; or If play stalls (such as if all Initiative cards has been played) or simultaneous reaching of goals, person with the highest score wins.

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Just Checking

So, the game starts with a climate card, you can then either play cards to build your house, OR modify the climate to add more constraints or life them?

Seems like a decent game. I can't judge it until I play it. It is a game that I wouldn't mind trying out though so you're on the right track.

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