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martial arts game

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I am pondering ideas for a martial arts game and I was wondering if anyone has some games I could look into for inspiration. I have in mind a card game where you get a small deck specific to one form of martial arts (maybe even taking two for a mixed martial arts). anyway, I want it to be a sort of duel.

First game that came to mind was BattleCON. Do any other games come to mind in terms of dueling. Especially where you pick an attack or defense of some type and both players play them...then there is some means of resolving them.

Any pointers to other games would be most welcome!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I have also looked at Yomi

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saw somthing a while back

I saw a samurai themed snap style reflex game on kickstarter a while back, I havnt played it but it did get funded :)

Other than that nothing springs to mind.

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Dragon Punch

A good one to look at would be Dragon Punch, which is a very simple 2-player duelling card game inspired by the likes of Street Fighter, and has some rather clever mechanics. It's also cheap! ;)

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