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Mech Warfare Game

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So I have a game I want to share with you all. I've been developing this game for the last 6 months that's, more or less, a culmination of all the game design experience I've gathered over the years. Any questions are welcomed as well as how I go about my design process.

I've created a mech card game that focuses on ranged resolving warfare and split decision making. Before the game begins, players will choose a faction to represent and a mech to pilot. This will give them access to two card pools, a third card pool if you include neutral cards. From there, players will create a deck to operate their mech as well as a single hand that contains special moves, actions, and events that can alter the battlefield.

The game begins with both players simultaneously playing cards from the top of their deck into one of 3 ranges: melee, short range, and long range. There is no limit to how many cards a player can play from their deck. However, players cannot engage with one another until they have met their "Drive", in which both players attempt to grab the "Fire" button. Furthermore, card order is important, as cards played in the wrong order or in the wrong range are considered duds and do not contribute to the battle.

From there, the player who grabbed the "Fire" button gets to choose what range resolves first, followed by the next range, so on and so forth. Damage is dealt to a player's deck. When a player has no more cards in their deck, they take one damage. Once all ranges have been resolved, players begin the game again until a player is put to 0 HP.

I know this is a quick and dirty explanation (the rules are being finalized as we speak), but I wanted to share the fruits of my labor with you all. I know card games are typically gain resources, play a monster, and fight, but I wanted to challenge the formula with something different. Thus, I looked into games like Poker, Go Fish, and War for inspiration as well as looking through and understanding the current CCG market (both digital and tabletop) and the trends its been following. Some games were great in design (UFS is a particular favorite of mind) while others left much to be desired (Hearthstone and Duelyst are alot of fun, but all the clones that have come after them are boring and leave much to be desired).

I'll come by later tonight to expand on this post. Thanks for the read.

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no it sounds good.

I like the sort of trench warfare style slugging it out with cards until one person can't respond and takes damage. I hope I'm getting that right.
just a question: what is the deal with the 'grabbing the "fire" button'?

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Sounds interesting so far. I

Sounds interesting so far. I like the feel of a wild west duel... with mechs.

How much playtesting have you done? How similar is the game to your original idea: has it changed a lot as you've taken it through development? Did you learn anything new in the process?

The only part that I'm not sure about is the "Drive" to the fire button. How does that work exactly?

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