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Medieval Conquest game - Does this sound like fun?

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Take another approach

Jerry wrote:
...Group decided they wanted to play other games instead. Ah well. (The joys of trying to get your game playtested)

If it didn't happen (and that's too bad), what I suggest is that YOU organize a "Game Night" at which you will offer FREE "Pizza" and "Cola"... This is to offset for the help in "Playtesting" YOUR game.

So IF YOU organize it, and then you run the show - see how many will be willing to attend this Special "Game Night".

Maybe if you give a little, they'll give a little back?! Worth a try, no?

Usually you can get deals from Domino's Pizza, like 3 Large for $35.00 and a 2L bottle of Cola costs $2.00. So probably under $40.00 and you'll have a bunch of playtesters willing to play YOUR game!

Try this out - see if anyone is interested!

Best of luck playtesting your game...

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