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I posted my Metropolis architecture themed card game earlier this year but I have made several changes since. The biggest complaint was lack of player interaction. Well I have created a new version that solves this problem.

Here's a loose overview:
- 2 card types, Design and Material cards
- 4 Materials; Timber, Metal, Concrete, Masonry
- Object of game is to build opponent's cards before they build yours
- The first player to reach 15 or more Status (by building Designs) loses the game
- Two phases per turn; main phase (build, plan Designs, use effects) then draw phase
- During draw phase you draw one Design then Materials equal to the number of Designs on your field (planned Designs)

Anataomy of a card:
- Upper right; materials needed by opponent to build your card
- Lower right; Status (value of card)
- Lower left; architect of design
- Effects; some effects cost materials to activate

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Please explain
"- Upper right; materials needed by opponent to build your card"

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Use a better approach

Luap31 wrote:
...The biggest complaint was lack of player interaction. Well I have created a new version that solves this problem.

I'm not certain of your approach... Ideally you should ADD a "Card Type", like "Events". These Event cards could allow you to steal a Design from your opponent tableau, allow a player to steal randomly a card from his opponent's hand, force a player to skip his turn, steal a Material card, etc.

These are "limited" ideas - since I really don't know your game. But I think if you follow the IDEA proposed and add Events to your game, you'll increase Player interaction without convoluting the End Game condition.

Just my thoughts.

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Thanks for commenting!

The idea with this version is to build your opponent's Designs (to a Status of 15 or more) before they build yours. The first player to reach a Status of 15+ loses the game. You can build Designs by using the materials indicated in the upper right. You could also build your own cards (if they have the right effect) but it puts you closer to losing.

In regards to "Event" cards the effects on Design cards take care of that. I have more examples of cards that I did not post. Certain Designs can counter effects, be used on an opponent's turn, etc. Also I kind of like the end game of idea, of building your opponent's cards. It forces you to choose which Designs to play (for effects and acquiring Materials) at the right time.

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I'm a slow learner

Ok, so let me get this straight:
you have a bunch of cards you can't build but other people try to build them in order to eliminate you.
You spend resource type cards in order to build the cards others have.
The winner is the player with no buildings themselves but who has built everybody else's building?

What about labour, construction machinery and transport?
These would effect another thing I'm missing which I think could play a big part in your game: time.
With all the materials in place a player might find a ticking time-bomb and frantically rush to assemble someone else's buildings before the number of turns expires and the building is complete. The more points the building is worth the longer it takes, but of course there will be some exceptions and of course the right transport, labour and machinery(/tech) cards could change the time. Perhaps a player could play some of these on buildings being built to eliminate him?

I may have completely missed the point in which case ignore my suggestions.

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Fail + New Concept

Thanks for the reply!

So I tried playtesting this version and it was weird - I don't like it. It's best if players build their own Designs. I also rather have one card type.

With that being said I have a new idea. Have you heard of Connection? It's typically a drinking card game. It involves players connecting cards by suit or number. My version would include two piles per player and connect by Status (number) or Material (suit). The cards each individual's side do not have to connect.

The object of this version would still be to reach a certain Status, but by building your own cards. You build your own cards by using Designs underneath the top card on your field (equal to the Status of the card).

I know this is a lot different than the posted version.

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Build a City

I like the idea of turning the game into a City Building type of game... you have the board cards with great pictures of little known innovative or incredible Buildings malls, airports, concert halls, neighborhoods, parks, highways, etc... you get to build a city with those cards and with certain stats as a famous architect. Buildings are a square or rectangle, parks are octagons etc.... Values of real estate dominate the game's economy getting next to the park, beach or river increases value. Players place tokens as they each try to own all or part of each piece of real estate.... being next to the park, or being next to a run down neighborhood all affect your score. Improvement cards can help starve off when another player slaps a slum next to your high valued park, or perhaps you have enough Masonry cards to improve the slum and make a killing in real estate value... It would be great to incorporate dealing with the government, voting on certain laws....Just a thought. I love your cards you've already got together. The art is great on the new cards. Post your rules again.

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