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Minecraft Card Game

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Zodiak Team
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Yes I am still working on Zodiak Legends and Henchmen, this is only an idea that I had creeper (haha) into my mind while playing minecraft.

What do you think of a simple Minecraft card game where the point of it is to build a nether portal.

Players would use their cards to try and gather resources (and by gather I mean draw cards) to build their own nether portals. The hard part is that your opponents can use items on you such as TNT or a pickaxe to try and ruin your portal.

Really simple game, I'm thinking the rules would be along the lines of Monopoly Millionaire edition (the card game).

What do you think?

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That's all I have to say...Diamonds!

You could make an expasion called, beyond the nether! Where you actually get to enter the Nether.

Zodiak Team
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I was actually thinking

I was actually thinking you're already in the nether and you need to escape

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Nice idea actually.

Escaping the Nether, this quest once happened to me on hardcore. Although, I failed since I thought of moving my portal too. Long story, no, it was short, 5 blocks fell in lava. Just 1 block short. The end.

Anyway, here are some idea's from me. You could make more of a game out of it. But I am just throwing a lot at you. Since I am a minecraft addicted. Please let me know if you find something useful in here.


There are a lot of resources not available in the Nether.
Water does not work.

So if you do this. First of all a story:

The portal(s) is there, simply not activated. The problem is, each player blames each other for it.No one knows who is responsible. And the one who manages to get through, will destroy it on the other side. Forcing other players to remain in the Nether.... Forever. Hardcore server FTW. Some one did it, but who? (Could be a part of the game, the thing :D) It is up to players to find out who. But until then no one works together. And this player actually wants to kill the server and has to be found and banned. So, one gets the goal of killing the escape completely instead of escaping.

Your only other way would be, luring a ghast to it for activating it. But the problem is, on that spot, ghasts will not spawn. So you need to change the map. But then again, no one will work together. There might be some trading though.

Anyway, before the portal got deactivated. You (and each other player) once created some places with functions. Hideouts that other players are unaware about. (So you better not get followed)

The stove location:
You have a stove. Just one.
(Or more at other locations, and allow other players to steal them, game over if you have none and run out of supplies created with this)

Tree farm:
It just so happens that you planted some tree's, nah, just one, on dirt in another part.
---> Slow wood supply. All wooden tools. Benchmark.
Back to the stove: Charcoal with the stove. Torches, not for light, but for finding back routes, making routes too?

Chicken farm:
In yet another part of the nether.
You bred some chickens.
---> Meat, eggs and feather supply.
(You cannot kill of the last chicken since you need eggs for reproduction)
Meat can be cooked for double effect.

You should find some gravel. Somewhere.
---> For flints, and you can create arrows as well.
(Your bow is very durable in the time that you try to escape the nether).

An alchemy room, for making potions. All you need to do is gather resources.
In this you are limited too.

An enchantment room.

Fight off mobs for additional resources:
Gold from zombie pigman, still better then wood but less durable, and you can make a renewable armor now.
Coal, stone swords and bones from wither skeletons.
Blaze rods from the blaze. (are they of use?)
Gunpowder and ghast tears from the ghast.
Magmacream from magmacubes, fire resistance potions.

For additional game play. You could supply each player at the beginning with a little stack of resources that is limited:
Some cobblestone for additional stoves, and other stone related things. 1 stack normally has 64.
Metal for better tools or armor. Or an anvil, for minimal 3 uses. Each time you use it, roll a dice for deciding if it gets damaged. This number also changes if the anvil stays "undamaged". So no unlimited use. I say about 4 metal blocks, 36 pieces.
Sand for making TNT or glass, additional bottles.
Very limited in Diamond? Just 1 block of diamond, 9 pieces. Armor or tools.
A bit of redstone for durable potions.
Some leather, enough for a full set of armor and books.
Sugar canes, for (attack)speed potions and books.

These resources force the player to make some starting choices which affect the gameplay. Or they save them for later, for using them anyway. Or for trading.

Creating armor should still cost the same:
5 for helmet
8 for body
7 for legs
4 for boots
A total of 24 costs. Also a total of 24 armor points and durability. For level 1 material.
Durability is good for about 20 times? Thus having 100 durability on the helmet.
The total

armor and durability:
Gold and leather have a value of 1 armor
Metal a value of 2 armor and durability of 4
Diamond a value of 3 or durability of 9
If a piece of armor, lets say the boots, takes 4 damage, the durability gets reduced by 4. However, metal will go twice as long on top of taking twice the damage. So 8 damage can be taken, while the durability reduction is 8 as well, but the durability total is 16. Thus 2 times more durable. Diamond boots take 12 damage, but the durability total is 36.

Helmet durability:
Gold and leather 100
Metal 400
Diamond 900

Damage reduction by the helmet:
Gold and leather 5
Metal 10
Diamond 15

Full set of armor
Gold and leather 24
Metal 48
Diamond 72
If the above is %. Then you need to work with damage values of 100, 2x100, 3x100 etc.
No armor, and a player dies about 4 times faster then a full set of diamonds.
The use of leather armor becomes discussable. Gold is the only renewable thing by battle.
Players can mix up armor too.
Save the resources since the armor has durability.
Only leather boots might give the player one more strike. If a player has 1000 health and takes normally 100 damage. Then it would result in 10 strikes. But with leather boots, its 11 strikes. The boot wearing player wins against the no armor player.
Unless potions are involved.

These are just suggestions on the armor. Perhaps you want battles to occur fast.
Further more, I don't know if and how you want to use the health system?

Damages of 100
Hand damage 1/2x (effects rounded downwards), durability infinite --> infinite, but slow!
Wooden sword 1x, durability 1 -->A total of 5
Stone sword 3x, but durability 3 -->A total of 45
Gold sword 4x, but durability 1 -->A total of 5
Metal sword 4x, durability 4 -->A total of 80
Diamond sword 5x, durability 5 -->A total of 125
Each strike reduces durability with the number given from the total.

The total number of strikes and total damage:
Wooden sword 5 strikes and 500 damage, renewable by growth
Stone sword 15 strikes and 4500 damage, limited but common
Gold sword 5 strikes and 2000 damage, renewable by battle
Metal sword 20 strikes and 8000 damage, limited but uncommon
Diamond sword 25 strikes and 12500 damage, limited but rare

A player can do only 1 thing at a time. 1 round. Well, maybe several actions. Some things go automatic too.
An activated stove burns a number of things each round.
You need to change the battle mechanics a bit for better gameplay. Fighting 1 round means hitting three times, or shooting 2 times with a bow. Or 1 time with a charged bow.
You need to add randomness in battle, but also in droppings for mobs and glowstone.
Potion effects are 1 round. With glowstone potions, you have a double effect.
Redstone potions are rare and limited, so these effects are 3 or 4 or 5 rounds?

You could even put limits on certain resources that can be found in the nether.
Glowstone is useful, and so are flints. So players could start fighting over them.
Getting flints means that you have a small chance on turning gravel into flints. Costs 1 round. With a speed potion, you can do 3 tries in 1 round.

By hand, dice roll 1 out of 6. Infinite uses.
Shovels, chance with dice, uses and average results:
Wood, 2 or lower, 3 uses, results in 1 flint. Renewable shovel by growth.
Stone, 3 or lower, 12 uses, results in 6 flints. Limited common
Gold, 4 or lower, 3 uses, results in 2 flints. Renewable shovel by battle.
Metal, 5 or lower, 75 uses, results in
Diamond, 100% certainty. 108 uses. Well, practically all the flints possible. So this is a killer weapon if someone starts digging for flints. Other players are forced to do this as well. Unless a player (including the diamond user) gets interrupted by a mob. Anyway, it costs only 1 (out of 9) diamond. Funny if a player makes 2 or more.

I think you can come up now with the rules for the pickaxe.
Keep in mind, your goal is to make sufficient spawning ground for a ghast to fire at the portal (at your side). 1 or many portals, still not sure what is best. A personal portal means a personal clearing of space needed. You need to clear 6x6x6 blocks=216. Lets say a nice 180.
No matter what kind of pick axe. The speed of clearing is differs less than other tools. Best to use wooden pick axes. Using other material is a waste of material. Speeds would be 3 blocks, +1 with each better material?
Hand=3, infinite, block is gone forever. 60 rounds.
+1 Wood=4, +1 Stone=5, +1 Gold=6, +1 Metal=7, +1 Diamond=8.
You can place the blocks at other players.

And a diamond pick axe allows for stealing parts of a portal too. Players need to travel for protecting it. But a normal diamond pick axe needs more then just 1 round for stealing just 1 block. Once stolen. The other player needs to steal too. Or trade it back. Mhuhahaha.

Other material pick axes? I don't know. But I suggest you think of something where they have their uses.

There are many things left out of these suggestions. Like how much damage a bow does. Health, armor and damage from mobs. Fire damage. Several potion effects. Chances of a mob appearing. Trading rules. TNT damage, or other effects.


A reminder, everything above is possible if you are stuck in the nether.
This game could be huge!

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maybe this is the obvious

maybe this is the obvious question, but have you thought about the legal aspects of such a game?

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The minecraft creators are

The minecraft creators are good people. If you ask them, you can work things out.
I wonder if minecraft players would play the card game. Since they have the choice to play it on the computer.

Zodiak Team
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Holy crap I think my mind

Holy crap I think my mind just exploded! That is a lot of though lol

I love your ideas and yes while I agree players should have to gather resources I think for just a simple card game it might have to get toned down just a tad lol

Your ideas would serve better in a board game style...or...or...a jenga style game...0.o oooooo shit!
^Brain storm!

I'm thinking a race style resource game. Players must build a nether portal, get into the nether, find a chest, and leave the nether before the other players. All while other players are building their own portal and trying to mess you up.


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Board game?

Personally, I would stick with "escape from the nether". Since starting in the normal world would offer way much more options. While there is need in keeping it a card game.
However, if you would choose for a complete game. The goals could be:
- Defeat the Ender Dragon
- Defeat a Wither

There are so many possibilities. That if I where to start again, I would once again create a post that long.

All I say now is that the board would be a map with locations. But each player has a stack of cards that is the real game.
Further more, some locations have different travel time in between. Mountains, Caves, Water. Depending on what the player uses, the travel time is different. And players could open up by digging. Closing up by placing. So 1 player could travel to another and close up all the travel possibilities. The other player has to start digging, which takes time.

Zodiak Team
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Well I just finished my

Well I just finished my Henchmen! game so maybe I'll give this some thought.

What if the game played sort of like settlers?

You have multiple hexs that represent a different type of terrain/resource. Though like you said, certain areas require more time to collect anything.

Instead of rolling a die you'd play cards or use a sand timeR to show a time laps (though this might be again leaving the nether, not sure if this same idea could work in that realm)

Zodiak Team
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actually that might not be so

actually that might not be so bad. Here's what I'm thinking,

Players are in the Over World which is made up of (lets say) 10 hexigonal shapes representing different resources within the game of Minecraft.

We have Lava, Water, Dirt, Forest, Sand, Stone, etc.
Each resource has a number on it (much like Catan) that represent how common/uncommon that number comes up on a pair of dice.

Each resource requires a specific amount of time to gather. Each player has (let's say) 30 minutes during their turn to gather materials, but only 20 of those minutes are in the day light.

-Also I should point out that 30 minutes is "in game time" and is not actually 30 minutes.

Once your day light runs out you roll the Mob dice (the pair of dice I mentioned above) and the number that comes up on those dice affect the resource areas with the matching numbers. You also roll the "temperment" or "condition" die that tells you what the mob will do while in that area.

Yes like normal minecraft you can build a house to sleep in so that you are not exposed during the night but you may also limit yourself by not using all your time.

Also if your house is on 1 resource hex and you are on another you'll need to make your way back in order to use it.

Now the game can end in 1 of 2 ways. Victory points or the first player to build a Nether Portal.


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Make sure first that you are

Make sure first that you are allowed to create such a game. If you are really going for it.

Zodiak Team
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well I'm going to make a

well I'm going to make a prototype first. Also the way the rules are I would only need permission from Mojang and not settlers

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Notch's Nod

Like others have said, the number of concepts available for such a game is incredibly large. The best thing to do would get a lot of research in Minecraft if your knowledge is somewhat limited, as the more loyal to the game you are the better the game will be and greater chance for success.

But, the most important thing to do is get permission from the creators of Minecraft. Without that you will either have severe legal issues or your game will be just another resource gathering game. Which, for the most part, that's what the game will be. The Minecraft element is what makes it stand out.

And one last point... While the mining and gathering is the core of Minecraft, you should keep in mind that the creative element is it's other big selling point. If you can incorporate the crafting/creation element of Minecraft into the game it will be all the better. If you can work it right, the option for players to use their resources however they want will make it as good as it possibly can be. The beauty of Minecraft is seeing what you can make with a few blocks and a lot of imagination.

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I have played once

Yeah, I played Minecraft *alone* once... There were no adversaries. But if one of the goals is *mining* to collect resources, that should be an easy game to create.

It could be as simple as:

1. You mine resources (different types).
2. You use those resources to equip yourself with weapons.
3. You battle your opponents to be the last player standing.

It doesn't need to be *overly* complicated. I could even picture it being a little bit like MtG. Anyways these are just some *simple* ideas...

Zodiak Team
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I just made a prototype with

I just made a prototype with the catan version. I did really hope to try an include every thing but the truth of the matter is, the game is just too large. Player will spend more time shifting throw all the components then they will taking turns. I might just go back to building the nether portal card game.

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