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Most Board Games are not Handicap, Autistic and Mentally Challenged Friendly, UNTIL NOW!

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KaBoink Master
Joined: 10/20/2008

No time to be upset with me. If you are a designer, builder of board games you should know if someone with a muscle crippling disease can hold your cards, dice, game piece or paper money. Does your game help in any shape or form as far as Hand and Eye Coordination? Does your game overpower those that are adults but have a young childs mind? Think, for a moment about games that discriminate against handicapped individuals. Statistically, we all know someone with some form of a handicap. 1 out of every 150 child born is Autistic. Muscle crippling diseases don't effect your mind, just a part of your body. To suggest someone play Candy Land that is handicap, would be an insult. Don't you think? Hand and Eye Coordination games are the future my friends. New studies are pointing towards games that are friendly for all! Note: Games that are friendly for all. Do you have an idea? Games are supposed to be challenging of course. But not to the point that only a person with all their limbs and a perfect mind can play. You don't ever hear Hasbro or any other major conglomerate pushing commercials for friendly games. Wake Up People! KaBoink Master, KaBoink builds hand and eye coordination.

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