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Mr. Vasel clamors for a drafting game? Well....

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Joined: 10/27/2016

...ask and you shall receive, Tom.

Now in development at WikkedWood studios:

"How to make it sound like you got something super awesome everyone's got to have when you really only got a hundred cards marked with sharpies and some rectanguar slabs of cardboard"


An idea for a drafting game.

Working title is Decked Out Rods

The concept is to take one of seven chassis boards with a default basic auto on them and pick up a premium body, conversion kit, engine, drivetrain, and wheels in a round robin drafting system not unlike Seven Wonders.

Each of the additions have stats such as Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling, and Looks, and the gameplay adds two other stats Popularity and Rarity.

You build your car to make it perform the best at one of four arenas: the Oval Track, the Drag Strip, the Showroom, or the Auction house...all of which weigh points scored for each stat differently.

If you're car starts to look grim, you can save face by avoiding sets and taking your rod to the scrapyard and still make some dough.

The game is simple to pick up, is really just some cards, some punchout game boards, and a handful of Eurocubes representing investment in mods when you are trying to slap together really incompatible parts.

I was going to ditch this concept because other games in my mind queue seemed more fun to develop when Tom Vasel said in a Top 100 list last week that he wishes more publishers would put out a drafting game or five. I am NOT above heeding the words of internet celebrities in our it's back on.

What say you?

Is Tom right about drafting games?

Would this theme appeal to the drafting gamer or is it too machismo for the discerning geek?


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