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Multi-game Adventure game

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I had an idea that sparkled lately by combining old ideas. The idea is to make a fairy game that allows to play multiple games with the same game. Each game would be a tale or an adventure that will be supplied with the main game and the players will be able to design themselves if they want.

The goal is to create a basic system with reusable components and make many games out of it. For example, in a adventure game like Rune Bound, after some time, most people find it boring because you simply move to a destination, resolve the encounter get back to a city to heal yourself. Now what if you take this game, keep the same combat and city system, but change the objectives of the game. Like for example: make a racing game with obstacles, make a treasure hunting game, make a murderer solving game, etc. This is what I want to achieve.

The basic structure of the game which is common to all game will be the fairyland map and the character stats system. There might be various method for testing character attributes according if you want a more random or strategic system. There will be a series of expandable items that will boost character stats, or perform some generic functions like heal, teleport, etc. There will be allies with gives permanent support to the character.

Then all the other components are generic multi-usage components. For example:

Location cards: This is a set of card with each location on the board. These location cards could be used to create many kind of games like:

A racing game: The next draw card tells you the next target for the race.

An investigation game: Use the cards like in clue, the card the players does not have in their hand is the target location.

A treasure hunting game: Like in labyrinth, each player has x location cards in their hand that they must visit to end the game.

A chase game: Like in scotland yard, one player use these cards to more secretly on the map while others try to hunt him down.

As you can see, the same set of cards can be used for multiple kind of games.

So the idea would be to supply various kind of components commonly found in other games to allow a wide variety of gameplay.

Do you think it is a good idea?

Do you think it could be a solution that can be used to avoid boredom commonly found in adventure games?

Thank you for all feedback

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