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Mushroom Forest - A card game

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Hi everyone,

After a long and hard deliberation about publishing a print-and-play game I have finally decided to do so. The reason for doing this is mainly to get experience in the whole process of game design, development and publishing.


The game is a failrly simple card game that has been themed to a mushroom forest. The main idea is to build piles of cards and then bid on them. Players try to collect sets to get points. Sets will also provide special powers to players.


I have play tested the previous iteration of this game a few times and it worked to some extent although I was not very happy with it. So this is the next iteration and I haven't yet been able to play test it (mainly due to a lack of play testers). So anyone interested to playtest it you are welcome to do so and send me comments!


The rules have been written in to webpage that I have linked into the bottom this message. You can also download the cards needed to play from that page. Some components (mainly the bid tokens that can be for example cubes) you need to be able to provide by yourself as they are bit harder to print (dreaming of a 3D printer, of yes! =). Any comments on the rules (grammer, design, development, ideas, comments etc.) are more than welcome and please post them to this forum so others will see them too.


All comments are welcome! I wish you all happy a New Year 2014!

Best wishes,

Henrik Collin

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