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My first game - Land Ahoy! (possible title)

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Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting on this site, but what I have read seems to be inspiring and innovative. I started developing this game a month or two ago and have not yet play tested it with a group but I believe that I am near ready to do so. The game is a 'Treasure map' game with event cards and a randomly generated 'Map' on which the players race towards the 'Treasure' and attempt to sabotage each other with the event card.

I intend to use tiles to generate the map having players mix up the tiles face down and then turn them over one by one placing them in order on the play grid. Though if you have a better idea feel free to let me know.

The game is quite simple. At the start of the round (before placing the map) the players must distribute seven points between the three attributes (jungle, Ocean, and Desert) each of which pertaining to there speed on corresponding tiles.

ie. If I were to give 3 points to jungle, 2 points to ocean, and 2 points to desert I would be able to cross three jungle spaces OR 2 ocean spaces OR 2 desert spaces in one turn.

The players then arrange the map, and if this is the first round of play are dealt 3 Fate cards. If it is not the first round of play they are only dealt one card. If cards run out all played cards are shuffled and returned to the deck. After arranging the players place their tokens on the map, if this is the first round in the corners of the game board, if not in the positions the finished the previous round in.

ie. Should i finish the round on tile 5,9 I will begin the next round in that spot.

After this is all done players take turns moving and playing Fate Cards when applicable and if they choose. When a player reaches the Treasure they take a Gold Coin Marker (used only to keep score) and the map is rearranged, Fate cards distributed, and play continues until someone reaches the number of gold coins specified by players at the start of the game.

C&C is needed and appreciated.


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