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My game concept Role Rampaga

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Hi i'm Jackwriter and I made this board game concept.Criticize it and gimme feedback so I can start making this game.Thanx a lot.
Here goes.
Role Rampage rulebook

2.Getting started
The game must have the following requirements.
1.Warrior list
2.Demon list
3.Dragon list
4.Beast list
5.Wizard list
6.An hourglass
7.A monster dice
8.A Barrel dice
9.The item/weapon list
10. Monster cards
11.Curse cards
12.Question cards
13.Exp cards
14.Warriors/Beasts/Wizards/Demons and Dragon cards and
13.The game board

1.Getting started.
Players must have each of the following.
1.One assists and a King.
2.100 gold.
3.A barrel dice and
4.A guardian
3.Rules-.The players first roll the highest number of who plays first till last.The rules are simple.Kill the king by getting his/her weakness from his/her guardian who guards it.To do this you must increase your exp points by battling monsters at the monster blocks or defeat the opponents whether they have their king’s weaknesses or not.Each king has a different weakness.Players can get upto four assists.The assists must be atleast be two steps away from the King otherwise when in battle,the assist will not participate in the battle.If the barrel dice show the same numbers,the player can play again even though his turn is over.However if the player gets the same numbers again(for that round alone),he/she will be cursed and for every turn he/she picks a curse card and must obey it.
When buying weapons,assists can hold two weapons,items while the King can hold upto 10 items.If an assist is dead,the player must pay gold to the soul gate inorder to revive that assist.But if the King is killed without his weakness the soulgate can revive him free of charge.Some assists have magic that can be used to alter the entire board game.But doing that requires certain Aura that can be found in the stone of Aura and it will restore Aura by 5 for each turn the assist stays in the Stone of Aura.When the Hourglass time is up players will pick a question card for each and must obey it.Then the hourglass must be placed upside down to start for another round.To get gold players must either defeat monsters form the monster block.Monster cards must be shuffled and picked to fight a monster.To make a monster fight roll the monster dice to use the monsters attack for that number alone.Another way to get gold is by defeating other opponents whether you have their kings weaknesses or not.and take the amount of gold they received.During a battle no one can start their turn unless the battle ends.If the opponents are two steps away from themselves they have a choice if one of the players want to battle or not.Suppose a player finishes his turn and he is almost close to his/her opponent,he has a choice of starting a battle or not while the other one remains helpless!Players can get upto 4 assists and cannot get more than that.However if the player wishes to get a better assist he/she can head to the Slay mansion and put any one of his/her assists to be sacrificed in return of some gold.To level up pick the Exp cards and use math to add it for the whole group(except for other opponents!).The Exp required will be there next to the assist’s and king’s attacks.The king can perform a special move for each level he upgrades.The player who kills all the opponents with their kings weaknesses is the WINNER! Good luck and may the Gods help you.

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i'm sorry...

i'm sorry paarth but there are more holes in that concept than in a piece of swiss cheese. but that is no problem as it is only the first draft, or so i guess. i have many questions:
1.) what exactly is the king's weakness supposed to be?
2.) what is a barrel dice and a monster dice?
3.) what is the difference between a guard and an assist?
4.) how is battle resolved?
5.) how are you going to keep track of experience and how is levelling up going to work?
6.) do the kings/guards/assists/monsters have stats like attack, defense, movement and so on?
7.) what are the slay mansion, stone of aura and the soul gate?
8.) how are the turns structured?
9.) what is the board going to look like? a hex grid or what?
10.) how will you realize all the different monsters, kings, guards, assists? miniatures?

that's a bunch of questions for you to answer. more are bound to come.



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Here are your answers

1.Each king of each race has a different kind of weakness.For example the Phantom sword is the warrior king's weakness.
2.A barrel dice is a dice that has more sides with bigger numbers than the ordinary dice.The monster dice is the dice which is used for the monsters alone.Since players can't play as monsters,they will have to roll the dice and look the number of the monster's attack.The monster has only three attacks and the monster dice has only four sides.
3.A gaurd is someone who guards the kings weakness.he cannot move and he is the most powerful.Where as the assist can help the king by fighting monsters and opponents unlike the guardian.
4.A battle is resolved when a player steps on a monster space or if he close to the opponent.When a battle starts,No one can start their turns until the battle is over.
5.Simple there will be like I told you.Once a player finishes a battle he has to pick the exp card and add it till the amount reqiured to get next level.If there is balance more than the amount,just add it.
6.Yes.Duh!What was I telling you.
7.You really didn't pay any attention in the rulebook!.The slay mansion is where the player can sacrifice a weak assist for a better and a stronger one since players can have only four assists.The stone of aura is for assists who have magic.It helps to restore their magic.And finally the soul gate which has a dead assist/king(Only if they die)And can be revived for a price(Except the king who is free of charge as long as he didn't die with his weakness).
8.Players start their turn by rolling dices.The one who get the highest is the first and the one with the lowest is second,third and fourth.The first player rolls the dices and moves according to the numbers of the dice.The turn ends when he has moved to the last space.Also if he fights a monster in the monster space,He/she must finish the battle to end his/her turn(Others can't start their turns while the battle continues).
9.I have to think about it.
10.It will take time.

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