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Is my idea "fresh"?

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Joined: 02/27/2015

Hello everyone,

so i started creating a party game which i think has a cool unique theme and it's lots of fun.

It's called RHYME:THE RAP CHALLENGE in which players are rappers and have 4 rounds to create and rap their own rap song. Each round players choose 3 cards from 12 different categories (farm, religion, house, purse, body etc) and have to use 1 of the 3 words in each card, 3 words in total. They have to use those 3 words in order to create their rhyming verse in 3 minutes time. After the end of each round they rap their verse on the beat which will be playing. Depending on how they use the words they gain or lose points. After 4 rounds the player with the most points is the winner.

The game is lots of fun not only from the fact that players will need to rap their song, but also from the fact that in the end of the 4 rounds players need to have a song that makes sense as a whole. That is easier said than done because each successive round players cannot chose cards from categories they chose before. So, when you are trying to continue your story with words that don't really match what you want to write about, funny and weird stories emerge resulting in laughter and good times.

Before i began the game i did a search everywhere i could to find out if there was something similar already and i did not find anything.

Have you heard of anything like this or do you think my game is something "fresh"?


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Not a fan of rap music, but

Not a fan of rap music, but sounds fun.

Would probably try it.

Depends on the realization a lot though.

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Is there a way to upload

Is there a way to upload pictures? I have some photos of how it looks like.

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To upload pictures, I think

To upload pictures, I think you have to start a new thread and post them in the opening message.

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Create A..

On the left side if your bgdf screen, look for Create A icon. Look for Image.

There you can create a image. Select a category.

Then browse your computer for pictures. Upload on save image.

Then its complete.

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I like this premise

The hard thing bout rapping is getting phrases set to words that rhyme. If you're giving the players the words or subject, it could possibly simulate a "rap battle" of sorts.

The only thing I see being weird is watching a bunch of non-rappers try...but that's almost like watching bad karaoke; there's some kind of fun watching people fail.

I personally haven't seen a game like this.

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I like this idea, but the 3

I like this idea, but the 3 minutes during which people are thinking about their rap seems like it could interrupt the flow of the game...and rap is all about "flow."

This may be a departure from what you've created and is not meant to infer that your game is lacking, this is just what the premise made me think of.

A card-based game in which all players are active at the same time. A card is turned which has a word/theme and perhaps some other "rules" for the rap. Players proceed in (clockwise) order and have to come up with a single line of rap which rhymes and/or matches the theme. This is regulated by the beat playing, and the first player to screw up stops the round. Could be player elimination, or players could start with (10) points and lose one each time they mess up the "flow." Last player standing, or the player with the highest points after the first goes out wins. Players with tied scores go into a "battle" mode which will determine the winner.

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