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Is my super-amazing idea original?

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Hi everybody!

I’m relatively new to the forum, for I have mainly been playing board games without the intention of developing anything.

I recently had an idea for a board game, and perhaps reuse an old childhood game with a twist.

So, here’s my pitch:

Game Title: Dwarves, RUN!!!

Player Count: 8-16 (Untested, but it would be a large party game)

Lore: You are a Dwarf on a mining expedition into the deep earth in search of Gold. Sadly, things have not gone the way planned, for the tunnel starts crumbling around you and your party.

Your Supervisor yells “Dwarves, RUN!!!” a second before he is crushed by the collapsing tunnel, marking the start of the game.


The game will be based off of the Elementary School game “Four Corners”.

For those who are not familiar, it was one of the most amazing games to play as a kid.


Gameplay: The game will be played on a cardboard map, a map that will be large enough for up to 8-16 people to play, but small enough that the size isn’t too large for the simplicity of the game.

Before the Game starts its first round, a player is randomly chosen as “it”. They have the task of selecting which tunnel will crush and eliminate the players that try to run through.

The Objective: Survive and collect as much Gold as you can. Every round of tunnel calling there will be a chance for players to gather gold. To the left of the “It", will be another person who’s job it will be to flip over a marker that will show which tunnel has the gold. With each round, the duties of marker flipping will continually rotate to the left.

Gold will work as an incentive to get people grouped together, and increase the chances of the person who’s “it” to be able to eliminate a lot of players at once.

After X amount of rounds (Possibly correlated to total # of players), the person with the most gold wins.

Gold will is only given to survivors, so if you collect X amount of gold, but die at the last stage, you do not gain that gold. Thus, it is important for players to be risky, but not too risky.

As long as players are still alive, “it" continues choosing new tunnels to go through along the map until the surviving player(s) exit the tunnels.

The next person who is “it” will be given to the person who survived the last encounter. If there were multiple people that survived, it would go to the person who collected the most gold that round. If there was a tie, it goes to the person with the most gold overall, and if its still a tie, then a game of rock paper scissors will decide who is “it"

If no one survives, the person who is “it” gains the total # of gold markers flipped over.

ex. Each stages someone flips a gold marker over, signifying the tunnel that contains gold. If the group does this four times, but all players die by the fourth tunnel, Four Gold Pieces would go to the person who is “it”.

So, that’s the idea. If you read this far, I thank you very much.

Any feedback on the idea would be great, and I would greatly appreciate if anyone could tell me if this idea has been done before.

If there was anything that is confusing, conflicting, or just a bad idea, please be honest and brutal.

I plan on bare-bones alpha testing it tonight with some friends after D&D, so if you guys are interested, I can post the results and maybe even record it?

Anyway, thank you all so much for the amount of knowledge on this forum, you guys are truly amazing.

-Kyle Murphy, the Poor College Kid.

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Seems like decent idea but since its such a well know game I wouldn't be surprised if someone else snagged the design. So before going further I would do some research.

Heres some questions:

How big is the board?

Is a board needed?

How can you increase variability?

Are you competing against the selected player? Or is it pretty much a free for all?

It would be cool to engage players fron the beginning. Maybe all players start flipping over cards and whoever flips over the CAVE IN card starts a round?

Also you could probably make a variant for a smaller group of players. Eight minimum? Sounds pretty steep. Possibly allow players to control multiple dwarves?

Special abilities? Maybe when you flip over a coun or gold it could be a power up. "Steal one gold from a dwarve in your corner" or "move a dwarve to a different corner after everyone has picked". That stuff makes each game different and engaging.

Just some thoughts. Hope this helped.


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I think you should develop

I think you should develop more of a sense of humbleness instead of being full on with saying your game is super amazing straight from the get-go etc. imo

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tongue in cheek?

devaloki, I don't know the original poster, but I read that description of his as being tongue in cheek. Maybe cut him a break?

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Yeah you're right Zag, my bad

Yeah you're right Zag, my bad

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Sounds like a solid theme!

Sounds like a solid theme! Here are some things I'd consider:

-Don't make one player be "it". Instead, make the cave collapses randomized somehow. This could easily be done with a card deck with coordinates on the cards showing which room caves in, or with 2 dice that give the latitude and longitude of the room.

-The board could easily be an 8x8 grid. Use 2 d8s to determine collapse locations.

-As someone said above, controlling multiple dwarves would be interesting! Allows the ability to lose one without being completely out of the game.

-Have the ability to do things besides just run or grab treasure. Perhaps you're able to find TNT or an upgraded ax to help dig through rooms that have been collapsed, or maybe find an underground waterway that connects rooms together?

-Suggestion: Make each room have multiple "levels" of treasure with the more valuable stuff being located on the bottom levels. On a turn, you can either move X number of rooms -OR- dig down 1 level in your current room. The tricky part is that you then have to spend a turn getting back up a level before you can change rooms again. This could be done by laying out chits with the backs showing a number (what level that treasure is on) and the front showing the actual treasure.

-From there, randomize each room to have 3 chits on them which may or may not be in sequential order. You may have a room with L1, L1, and L3 treasure chits, or even L1, L2, L5 in extreme cases. Just lay them on each other in floor order, then have a way of showing which "level" your dwarves are on.

This actually sounds like a pretty fun game, though having someone be "it" makes it sound very childish and subject to someone aiming for certain people.

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Hi Kyle - welcome to BGDF.

Hi Kyle - welcome to BGDF. Looks like an interesting idea from the get-go, looking forward to hearing how it playtests.

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