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Name suggestions for a 2 player card game

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Joined: 04/20/2017

Hi, I want a better name for a game based on managing an army in a fantasy setting

In the game, you will be commanding a mercenary company.

You will recruit commanders, tacticians, administrators, army units, blacksmiths

Play tactics, formations, ambushes, armaments

Manage morale, level-up, supplies, income

Fight in war campaigns across multiple battlegrounds

Winner is the player with the most fame after 3 campaigns.

Working title is "Fantasy General", which is an old DOS game i enjoyed when I was younger.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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How about: No Quarter

How about:
No Quarter Master

Plays off the war theme with no quarter, and the supply management with quartermaster.

Joined: 04/20/2017

The quarter part makes it sound finance-ish...

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Paths To Glory Fame or

Paths To Glory
Fame or Famine
Black Tactics
Merc Wars

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These are mercenaries

Since they're mercenaries, maybe the name should simply reflect that.

Mercenary Commander
Mercenaries of $WORLDNAME
Mercenaries' War
Soldiers of Fortune

and if it's at the higher end of the fantasy scale

Mercs & Magic

(Most of the titles on BGG that reference mercenaries revolve around battlemech-style combat, so it'll be important to avoid confusion by playing up the fantasy element with cover art.)

Joined: 04/20/2017
Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback, it has been helpful.

I don't want magic or magical items in the game. Maybe just steampunk or gunpowder involved if i need more variety to the unit compositions.

I am designing the game with the war economies to be like China's 3 Kingdoms era.

I think I will go with "Military Commanders" for now. It occured to me that Mercenaries don't fight for fame... they fight for money.

If I use mercs for the theme, I can change the winning conditions to be more money related instead... have to think more on this.

Any more ideas would be appreciated.

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Similar to FrankM, with a bit

Similar to FrankM, with a bit of spin: "Soldier and Fortune",
using the both soldier and fortune as verbs.

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My name ideas

"Mercenaries of Yesterday"
"Medieval Mercenaries"
"Mercenaries' Guild"

Just some of the names that come to mind.


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