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[Need Suggestion] My First Idea of a Board Game

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Hey guys, im new in board games world. And i got an idea of mechanics. And i think its good. After looking at some references and discussion, this is how the mechanics look like :

Goal: The player can win if they survive a few turns with having some skill points.


Player can only win by having 5 skill points and they have to survive 3 turns in a row without loosing their skill points. If they loose before completing 3 turns in a row, the count resets, and it will start again after earning 5 skill points.

My question is, what kind of action that suit this skill point mechanic, to keep the competition between the players?
and i would love to hear any suggestion about my mechanics.

Thank you for your attention. :)

PS: Update on third post, please check it out. It contains a lot of the game details.

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What you have is a winning

What you have is a winning condition, not a mechanic. We can spend the rest of the time debating on what a mechanic is, but from experience that will be a futile exercise.

What you have requested help for is pretty much the fun of game design. It will be easier and more fruitful for both you and the to-be helper if you have some general actions your player does

Even with that said, it is impossible to help you since you have not even established what the player is playing with/on, let alone how the points are scored or lost, or whatever interesting things happen in-between.

there is also no semblance of theme to give any ideas on what the rules should be like.

And since you have no rules to speak of, it is impossible to estimate what a good number of rounds to last is.

Id suggest picking a constant and going from there instead of setting your winning condition in stone. Either stick with 3 turns, or 5 points, then adjust the other according to what best fits your game

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Okay, thanks for everything. Maybe i need to expand my idea more.

It's a card game, i guess. And this is what i have so far :

Idea Base : Game Development Process
No. of Players : 3-5 (1 as Game Master)
Game Type : Competitive
-Basic Skill cards (Programming, Drawing, Compossing, Game Designing)
-Game Genre Cards (RPG, Action, etc.)
-Game Platform (Mobile, PC, Multi)
-Skill Point Token
-Money Token

Thats all the components that i think required in this game. And now the gameplay.

>>Early Stage : Preparation
Each player gets two Skill cards selected by their own, and two skill points that can be added to the skill card, according to their preferences. And each player gets two money before the next stage. After all the players get their skill cards, skill points, and money, the game enter the next stage : Brain Storming Stage

>>Brain Storming Stage : Genre and Platform Determining
In this stage, game master decide the Game Genre and Platform that will be developed by drawing cards from the deck, and shows it to the players. The Game Genre and Platform Cards determine the game goals. The cards show how many skill points that required , and how many turns that skill points need to survive from getting decreased. After the goal has decided, the game enter the next stage : Main Stage

>>Main Stage : Learning and Game Developing Stage
In this stage, players can increase their skill point by doing "something". And when they have certain skill points, they can start develope the game. When they enter the development stage, player cant do anything except defending their skill points from getting decreased or stolen. If the skill points of the player decreased, the development process needs to be aborted, and player needs to get another skill point untill it meets the requirements before starts developing again. When a player manage to gather certain amount of skill points and survive a few turns that require to develop the game, then that player win the game, and the game end.

That's all i got, and my biggest problem is the action of the player when they enter the learning phase to gather the skill points and money. Whether they steal it from the others or earn it by themselves.

I'm very excited to develop this game and make it real. I would love to hear any sugestion from you guys. Thanks laperen for the critics of my first post.

Joined: 04/30/2013
You are still asking for help

You are still asking for help on something which is extremely broad. It is not a gap with an answer that can fit perfectly. Developing the rules of how your game plays is YOUR job as the designer to figure out, otherwise it will not be your idea at all. The most we can provide would be advice based on experience.

A way to figure out the rules of your game is the simple principle of cause and effect. If player A does this, what can player B do in response? And player A's response to player B's response? And so on

What are the player's options to the situation? The player has skill-cards, skill points, and money. What do the cards do? What do the skill points do? What does the money do? How do they interact with each other and the players? What is the reason for all of them to be in the game?

Lastly, your game is I'm guessing primarily a card game. One good reference I can think of will be UNO. See how the game gives the player, numbers, colors, card effects, and even turn order, as options and counter actions to influence the game.

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Quick thought: you said that this game is for 3-5, with a game master.

Do not rely on a GM, if at all possible! Unless you are making it one-vs-many (Descent, Super Dungeon Explore, Letters from Whitechapel, Fury of Dracula, etc.), people do not want to effectively sit out while everyone else plays.

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