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Never ending adventures

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To start with a player creates a party, this is represented by a "group" of statistics (eg Combat, Magic, Search, Exploration, Size) each within a range of 1-12 (why 1 to 12, the intent is to use 2d6 as a mechanic 1 being pathetic, 12 being the best in the world)

The current idea is to have offset square tiles (because it is easy), and each tile being a different terrain type. Start with a central tile surrounded by 6 (randomly selected). Each time a player moves to a tile that has not been explored an exploration test occurs. This would then determine if a ruin/town has been found. When moving to a tile that does not 6 surrounding it, additional tiles should surround it.

Towns would provide places to rest, purchase equipment, heros
Ruins would possibly have dungeons of X levels. If a ruin has a dungeon players would draw a dungeon card that would describe a possible dungeon, levels could be determined dynamically

Ruins/Caves/dungeons would need to be defeated before being searched. Searching would provide gold, possible additional experience, artifacts, curses :>.

Quest card(s) would give characters goals, eg search for artifact A, find the list city of B, The king wants C gold.

When defeating a ruin/dungeon level, or completes a quest they get an experience roll. Experience roll = roll 2d6 vs one party attribute, if the roll is higher the attribute increases 1 level.

Yes there is little strategy and there is a lot of chance. But I think it could be fun.

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