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New Board Game Idea in Need of Inspiration

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Hello users of BGDF,

As this is my first post, I apologize in advance of unanticipated mistakes. I had recently considered this board game concept, and I had made a rushed prototype of it to test it's entertainment and mechanics. It was reasonably fun, so I decided to take it a step further to take some advice from others and hopefully find an idea I had not yet considered, as I would appreciate a bigger replay value to the game-play as well as something extra that would make it stand it's self out from other games due to it's current simplicity.

As of the few tests, the game takes up about 15-30 minutes. It accompanies five boards, a large center board and four smaller ones for individual players, which they keep out of their opponents view. It is rectangular, made up of 20 by 11 squares. I decided to simply call it 'Survival Games' due to it's main approach. So... starting with P1, they place their token in their desired character holding, and from then on they are that character. As this game is set in the medieval times, pitting differently ranked officials against each other, an example of these being: Disciple: Instead of attacking, can force players back two spaces and then attack them if they are still in range. Another example of characters is the Knight; Beginning the game with a sword and armor token, if he is harmed a trap placed by another player he may take it for himself. (As opposed to returning it to the shipping docks, which are used to trade items later in the game). Also, there are in total about six roles, so they are never all used.

Every time a player's turn comes around, they roll the dice for their amount of actions. If the number rolled is a 1 or 2, they receive 2 actions. If a 3 or 4, 3 actions. And lastly, a 5 or a 6, they receive 4 actions that turn. For one action, they can move to a neighboring square, however not diagonally. There are solid blocks, but also lava blocks in which people must jump. The Jouster can jump without being harmed, but if anyone else comes across lava they must jump it by guessing three numbers from 1-6. After a roll of the dice, if a number they guessed is revealed, they jump without harm, however if not they reach the other side with a subtracted one heart token. (Or armor token, whichever is there). Then there are doors, which take three actions to open, yet you are immediately transported to the square past the door. There are also simple trapdoors, which consume one action to reach the other end of the line of it.

At the start of the game, all the tokens are placed face-down on the board. When a player lands on a square in which one is placed (which is designated for the token only), they claim it and it is theirs until they use it (if it is a weapon or a trap) or it is attacked and destroyed (if it is armor). Different characters have different ranges in which they can attack, and also a different attack arc (The view of which the character has, basically how wide their distance is to see opposition). When one's armor and hearts are gone, they are killed and are no longer in the game. (Even if their hearts are gone and they have one armor left, they are still killed). Their remaining tokens are placed on the square in which they died, so others can come and take it, yet only one per turn.

As I think I have covered everything, I would very, very much appreciate your feedback on this idea. If however, there is a key concept you need to have in order to think about this game, please inform me and I will attempt to reply ASAP. I would like that extra concept to make it stand out and not just be your average last man standing board game. I have a few more ideas, but it would be good to get fresh ideas from others. Thank you very much for your time, have an enjoyable day!

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sorry I took so long to get back to you on this!

Ok, your game seems interesting an probably fun to play.
I am however curious as to the purpose of the 4 smaller boards.
Also, so me questions:
- the game is competitive right?
- what stops 3 players ganging up on the 4th?
- how does the market feature?
- what are the character classes, you said there were 6 but only mentioned 3?
- what is the background or story behind the game?
- what are the victory conditions?

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I would really suggest

I would really suggest playing more modern games while working on your own.

Try to get rid of player elimination. Ideally, you want every player engaged until the game is over.

Number of actions determined by dice roll is also problematic.

Imagine you're playing a game and your opponent rolls three fives or sixes and you roll three ones. You will be sitting there, watching him playing.

There are many ways to incorporate dice rolling into action selection, while not increasing downtime for less lucky players.

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