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New game idea

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I have an idea for another game, little bit longer and larger than the other one. It’s called Survivor’s Guilt. Basically you are stuck on an island with three other people, and you have to fix a boat to get away. However, the boat only holds 1 person. So you must battle it out, crafting components, tools, and shelter to use. Rule book/ components coming soon!

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So if there's one boat, what

So if there's one boat, what prevents another player from just waiting until the boat is almost finished and then sailing away?

What if you don't have exactly 4 players available?

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in most semi co-op games like

in most semi co-op games like this letting everyone else do the work either results in you being out of the running to win (games where the ultimate winner has collected the most vp during the game), or everyone loses. then there are games with a traitor, but this sounds different.
thematically, i guess, in this game if you dont work together the raft wont float. if you aren't the best survivor you are too weak to fight for your seat.
or maybe not. it might be more like the "hot air balloon game" and its all about winning friends.

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