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New game idea: Golden age of Travel

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Six Boards, suitcase, passport & rubber stamp, currency, currency detail.


I'm new at this so I appoligize for anything stupid in advance.

As an illustrator/designer i have always been fascinated with the graphics from the golden age of travel: posters, luggage labels, tickets, brochures, maps etc.

For several years I've been toying with the idea of making a board game based on that.
and this is what I have come up with so far, I would be interested in any feed back.

(remember this is still a rough draft/prototype, lots still being worked out.etc.)

Basic info:

Theme: Golden age of travel, global travel with auto, train, ship and airplane
Mechanics: point to point movement, currency management, set collection
players: 2 - 6

box content:
- six (8.5 x 11) game boards, one of each continent: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia
- six passports to go along with each continent (one for each player) and pad of insert sheets(like post it notes) to stamp with the rubbers stamps
- six rubber stamps to go along with each continent
- 36+ luggage labels (six or more for each continent)
- six suitcase boards (one for each player to place collected labels on)
- currency for each continent ($10s and $100s) (each player starts with set amount)
- 1 custom d6 with: car, boat, plane, train, hotel & Dollar sign
- "chance" cards- one set for each: car, train, ship, plane, hotel
- six player pawns
- six travel brochures listing routes and destinations, hotels etc

Goal of game:
To travel to each continent and collect hotel luggage labels and get your passport stamped and return to starting continent.

Winner: first player to collect one luggage label from each continent/board and return to their starting board and have their passport stamped with all six continents. if two or more players return on the same turn, the player with the most money left is the winner.

modes of travel: auto, ship, train, airplane
auto travel is free(one space on board), ship and train are $10 per leg (aprox 3-5 spaces), and Airplane is $100 per leg.(aprox 10 spaces)
ie faster mode of travel cost more. But you don't start with enough money to travel by air all the time.

Strategy used: deciding best route and mode of transportation, which hotel to stay at.
Keeping in mind cost vs. speed in method of travel. (don't want to run out of money)

General game play:
each player starts the game in their continent with a blank passport and with a set amount of currency.

on each turn, player chooses which direction they want to go.

if they are on a HOTEL space they can pay for the night and receive a luggage label for their suitcase.
if they are on AIRPORT, TRAIN STATION or SEAPORT space they can purchase a ticket for that mode of transportation and move one leg.
if they do not purchases a ticket they can only move one space.

if space is both a hotel and a train station space etc. they buy the label, then purchase the ticket and move one leg.

The dice is NOT used to determine which space player moves to. That is based on tickets purchased.
The dice is used solely for adding a small amount of luck/randomness
(still trying to figure out another mechanic for this )

At the start of each turn, player rolls dice
depending on current mode of travel, if dice lands on corresponding mode of travel player picks up corresponding card (chance card)
if dice lands on "$" side player receives money
ie. if player is currently traveling via train and they roll a "train" they pick up a "train" card and do what it says on card, ie extra turn, lose turn etc.
if you are on a hotel space and dice lands on hotel side you pick a HOTEL card and do what it says.

(so player has 1/6th chance to get "chance" card at beginning of each turn)

Rubber stamps: when ever player enters new board (continent) they get to stamp their passport.

Currency: Currency is needed to buy travel tickets, hotels

currency exchange:
correct continent currency is needed (ie. in North America, NA currency is used to buy tickets, hotel stay etc.)
exchange rate is $100 to $90 (bank charges $10 for service) Can only be done at large cities indicated
exchange can be done on black market (other players) for any agreed apron rate

Gambling: While on the ocean liners and a few select cities you may choose to partake in a little gambling.

Work: While in the larger cities a player may chose to stay on their space and not move and collect $10

General thoughts, questions??

images attached, (could not figure out how to attache more then one image so sort of put them all together)


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