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new game idea help needed

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I have what I believe is a very good idea for a new board game and an app but I need help with it.

The game itself is a completely new take on one of the oldest and most popular board games (made by Hasbro, which is still on sale to date). It is also an app

I have worked out the rules (fairly comprehensibly, it’s a pretty simple game known to everyone) but I find it very difficult finalising ideas and rules as I have so many variations in mind.

I have absolutely no experience in this field but would hope someone in the UK may be interested in helping me develop the idea to completion, with a view to producing it ourselves and getting it to market or by selling the idea, perhaps even to the current manufacturer or other?

With all of this in mind I need a board game designer and also an app developer who could offer time and effort and would be interested in a profit sharing situation.

If anybody feels they would be interested to discuss and could help, please contact me.


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Hey post your Idea, you got

Hey post your Idea, you got me curious! Ill see if I can help!


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Pretty vague..

I'm thinking it's going to be tough to give any kind of help or advice with being so vague. Definitely give us some more details.

New take on which existing game? How is it different and unique?

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Details Needed

It was stated before, but if you want help you need to give details.

The board game community will not steal your idea.

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