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New game Idea social deduction but not

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I've been working on a new game idea for a little while, its a film noir esk spy game.

The experience I want to create is something in between a social deduction game and a more traditional board game. The idea being that the social deduction aspect is relevant but not the only path to victory (mainly as my Mrs doesn't like social deduction but i do).

Does anyone know of games with social deduction but where that is not the only driving force of the game?

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Hmm, I like!

I don't know of any, but then I don't believe you should be looking at what other people did anyway ;P

I had an idea a while ago for a game which had insanity as one of the resources and gathering it would make it difficult to gather others - it was a worker placement type game I think.

What I'm thinking of with your game is perhaps something like Pokémon - you get cards and evolve them, only into "higher" classes of people not Shinto inspired anime monsters, but there is a Cripple Mr Onion type dynamic going. You could "feed" someone else's society so that it becomes top-heavy and the social divide grows, then the working classes rise up?
Or you could "turn" corrupt officials so that the benefits of their society go to you - in which case you'd want to keep them going, even help them develop so you can "farm" them, not topple everything?

Just some random suggestions.

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Hmm, I've been having a bit of a think about this and have something, at least...

A Study In Emerald is a board game with elements of deck building and area control, but it also has secret teams where players don't know who is also on their team. Disguising your allegiance and deducing that of other players is part of the game, but not generally as important as the rest.

Games like Heimlich & Co, Clans, and many others have players with secret identities or objectives, and keeping those secrets for as long as possible is an important part of winning the game, but it isn't everything. If you can figure out a rival's secret you can be at an advantage.

Does any of that help?

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Thanks, absolutely it does! I

Thanks, absolutely it does! I just had a quick look at a study in emerald. Wow seems like a complex game definitely something to look more into, but I love the theme (big Neil Gaiman Fan too).

Its hard to tell from a quick look how much the hidden roles influence decisions but it seems like close to what I'm aiming for. :)


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random suggestions are always

random suggestions are always good :)

I like the corruption idea! hmmm...

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