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New Game Idea "Spectacle"

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Hello All,

I was tossing around some ideas and thought this would be a good one to get some feedback on.

The idea is each player will control an upstart gladiator school "ludus" that train and equip gladiators. Over the course of the game players submit their gladiators to small scale events where they battle to the death with an AI opponent. As gladiators win, their patrons win money which they can then use to upgrade their facility, while the gladiators build up fame. As their fame and skill grow the gladiators gain access to better venues all leading up to the Colosseum in Rome. At each venue their is a ladder that gladiators must fight up, as the venues get better the ladder becomes tougher. Players can acquire more gladiators over the course of the game, in case one of their gladiators dies in the arena.

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I don't know of a game that's

I don't know of a game that's done this, and ancient Rome is a great setting that has been proven to work in a ton of games.

Your idea makes me think of the game "Colosseum." Have you played/seen it? It has some really great mechanics that might give you some ideas.

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It's very similar to what

It's very similar to what Gladiatoris is doing, it failed on its kickstarter due to poor preparations but they plan to be back on it.
The game seems solid but they focused too strongly on their native spanish market. Only during the kickstarter did they release a video of the game being played in english.

I do really want to see a gladiator board game though, with various schools.

But its important to have them fighting each other instead of just against an AI opponent. The AI opponent might be alright as an optional extra tough battle though, since the AI gladiators could be better equipped by default and could represent the imperial gladiators.

Betting money also seems like a vital thing to have. For any battle that happens, players could bet money on the match wether their own gladiators are fighting in it or not. This allows players not taking part in the fight to still be invested in it.
A smart gambler could make some profit and use that to improve his own gladiators.

Popularity of gladiators could also play a factor in the game maybe, have you played the videogame Gladius? It's a wonderfull unique game focused on running a gladiator school with turn based combat. Hard to get though since it was exclusive to xbox, ps2 and gamecube.

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