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New Game Idea 'Switch!'

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Submission of the game 'Switch!'

Game title and theme-- Switch! (domino-like game)

Number of players-- 2 players

Suggested age range-- +12 twelve and up

Components-- hand-crafted box in which the top cover slides off to reveal the game grid and game pieces (all made of neatly crafted wood)

Rules overview-- the two players will have 31 pieces total. To win, you must make a connection of 4 letters or 4 numbers in a row (you and your opponent are one or the other), each move you make must be side by side to one of your previous moves (touching), you may stack your piece, as long as there is a piece below said stacking piece (hovering pieces not allowed)

Unique features-- when a 'switch' piece is pulled then you are forced to switch sides with your opponent (if you were numbers then you are now colors and vice versa), 'move' pieces allow you to take a set game piece that is already on the board and move it to your advantage or to take away your opponents 'master plan', boardgame box has slots that the 2 players use to dispense their next move

Play test results-- successful prototype handmade from wood (neat board box that slides open to reveal gameboard and game pieces), awesome strategic game!

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Are you advertising your game

Are you advertising your game or looking for feedback? An image and rules or other more specific info would help in either regard.

Can you clarify the goal of the game a bit more? It sounds like you're strategically trying to place tiles, but the "switch" mechanic, the one which defines your game, seems like it could be a constant source of frustration. If I'm spending time strategizing around my (numbers, colors, etc.) and suddenly I'm swapping places with another player, then why bother with strategy if it only stands to benefit another player at the "switch?" I assume the switch is inevitable in every game? Am I misunderstanding how this mechanic works?

How do players score? More importantly, how does the switch mechanic affect players' scores? Is it only "4-in-a-row?" This is where a complete rules document would really help people "see" the game in its entirety.

Your section mentioning play test results tells nothing of how those sessions went, how the game was received, or most importantly how much testing the game has undergone. It only tells us you've successfully made a prototype, which is really just the start of a game's design.

Lastly if your game is truly for 12+ based on its difficulty, then you may as well mark it as 13+ (or 14+ if you're superstitious!) so that the game is not classified as a toy product. This is really only if you plan on self-publishing, as it takes a lot of time, testing and money out of the equation in getting the game to market.

You'll get plenty of great feedback here if you're open to it!

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who needs money?

I´m ignoring the marketing side of things and questions of whether the game will sell or not because I don't care about that sort of thing.
I´m looking at the game and how fun it would be to play.

Domino like games can be great fun and games which are furstrating can also be very addictive. The thing I don´t see at all in your game is an end.
As mentioned above, you have negleted to share with us how one wins or loses the game (I assume there are points recorded which don´t "switch with the players" but I´m in the dark), further the switching and moving means you have a changing network of domino like tiles. The point of most domino games is that once placed, the pieces can not be moved and so you win by putting down all you have in a way which prevents your opponents from doing so before you. With "switching" and "moving", we would find it very difficult to build a comprehensive strategy.

Being able to play the "ha ha, I got you now you sob" tile would be great if you used it to sabotage someone, however if these elements are too comon then you run the risk of not only making it the players with more patience rather than strategy who do better, you could even make it that games seldom if ever end conclusively.

I am a fan of random elements, nasty underhanded tactics and chaos in games; until you tell us a little more however, I´m not so sure I´d go out and buy yours.

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