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New Idea*THE ISLAND (neurotic-humoristic-lisergic(?)-teams-boardgame)

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Joined: 08/04/2008

Hi! I'm new here, and also new in game designing (i mean, in the formal way). I just want to show you an idea for a board game that i call (by the moment) The Island. It's about six cientific-characters who are trying to scape from a very crazy island where a maquiavelic goverment drives the neurotic lifes of their citizen and attacks the characters (in mysterious ways) for getting information about their researches. the game is inspired in 60's serie The Prisoner, the information is aviable in my blog
The blog is in spanish but i guess you are going to catch it.

Thanks and see ya!

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Joined: 07/28/2008
Here's a horrible google

Here's a horrible google translated version:

P.S. What script language can I use in this forum. []LINK[/url] doesn't work.

Joined: 08/04/2008
ajaj, yes, it isn't a very

ajaj, yes, it isn't a very good translation but that's ok, thank you.
if anyone have doubts about this please ask me!

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island game...

I like this idea - it's intriguing! I am a big fan of island/ biosphere gaming & getting out of a toxic one is a normal desire/experience.

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