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A New Spin on "Deck Building"

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Today I have just finished making the cards for my game, Imperial Battle... 130 cards per player... As opposed to 780 per player...

The way this implements a "deck building" feel is that you are still buying things or acquire items, etc. in order to conquerer your enemy. Except, in this game you already have your entire deck.

Imperial Battle is the flip side of a deck building game. You have 130 cards with about 6 options you can chose from that you can use on each one. Although, of course, not all of them can be used in the beginning of the game.

The main theme for this game is a good ol' fashion war where you have five territories in front of you that consist of the five buildings in which you will buy (giving you more options), upgrade (giving you yet more options) and strategically protect in order to outwit your opponent.

Here are the buildings:Base, Barracks, Supply, Research and Lab

RTS (Real Time Strategy) lovers will find this a very enjoyable game because of it's similar mechanics yet it puts a new strategy in how players use there cards.

Even players with a love for head to head combat can get easily attached to over 15 different units and 5 unit types.
The game is essential broken into two types of turns:

Domestic turns and Field turns...

Domestics turns consist if all players going at once picking up the amount of cards their Supply will let them. They will then decide what piles the cards will go in, signifying what option that card will be using:

Units: used to attack, defend, and use special abilities when on the field
Materials: used to buy buildings
Equipment: used to put units in the field and move them
Research: used to upgrade buildings
Lab: used to buy special abilities
Action: enables you to buy, move, attack and defend
Attack: enables you to use a cards attack points against an enemy card
Defense: enables you use cards defense points in order to protect against attacking units

Instead of having multiple cards for each of these categories I've combined all if them on to one card, in a simple yet effective way.

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