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Newbie wants to create new board game, needs help and direction advice

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Joined: 04/14/2009

So I've got an idea for a "reality" board game on scams etc. and I've got a trademark app for a great name. The equity ownership idea I want is: 50% to me as the founder and investor, 50% shared amongst all those "employees" who contributed to the game's development. Can I find people in this forum to contribute their talents ? Can I contact individual forum members at some point or does everything have to be public? Many more questions but this is a start.... Thanks!

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Joined: 04/06/2009
the scam...

I think you may have overreached yourself when you mentioned the 'scam' part. :-)

Seriously, I wouldn't offer 50% of 'nothing'. The math is what it is. If you'd like help, ask for it. Show us what you have and we'll make suggestions. If you think any of them merit reward, mention us in the rulebook and send a copy of the finished product. We'll say 'thanks', use the reference as a line in our resume, and hope you'll do the same for us some day.

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Royalties and/or designer fees

Game designers usually work for a % of the product price. Your offer for 50% among all who contribute is a bit vague. It would be better if there were a clear indication of how much each person will get, like 5% of retail price for the game designer, or even better something like $1 per sold game or something of the sort.

And you need to make a list of the roles that "all who contribute" include. Game designer, game artist, proofreader, whatever.

I take your offer as honest and well-meaning, but I fear it doesn't give the minimum reasonable guarantees to the designers potentially interested in the project.

It also is too general as to what needs to be done:
Do you have just a general idea of creating a game about scams, or something more specific, like the type of game it would be, main mechanics, etc., and just need someone to refine your ideas?
Do you have production, marketing and distribution solved, or partially solved?
Who would own the copyright of the final product? Would this be a designer granting publishing rights to you for a % royalty, or work for hire, and you'll be the copyright owner?
Do you have a game more or less developed, but need some help to playtest and refine, and you're offering 50% of what you might get as royalties if you submit the game to a publisher and it is accepted?

There are too few details stated and too many questions that immediately arise. If you can clarify more, your chances to find people to help you will increase.

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I tried to look up the old thread but couldn't find it anywhere.

I actually had an idea to make a game out of scams. Basically it would be like Boulderdash where each player tried to scam the other players and try to win in game money or steal parts of their identity to win the game. The problem I ran into was if you use the same scams over and over people will know which ones are and which aren't. If you somehow make it random, then it would have other issues.

So for instance you draw an event which says there is a guy who wants to sell you a rolex for $50. Depending on how the randomizer comes up it is either a real rolex that you can sell for $200 or a fake one that you can't sell so your are out $50. Events like that with different possible outcomes. Then players would try to play certain ones on certain opponents and try to accurately guess if they will do it or not. If you guess correctly that they will think its a scam (whether it is or isn't) then you win victory points or somesuch. If you guess incorrectly then they get victory points.

I think that plays well into what scams are because if you take the risk on the what if there is great potential for reward but more often then not loss.

Oh, and ditto to what the above posters said. Free advice and help can be found on the public forums and with the right people privately, but if you want professional help/work then you should be a little more specific about the job you are offering.

Joined: 11/13/2008

I had an idea once:
There are some events in game maybe something similar like Taavet wrote.
And also players can try to steal money from opponents but if stealing is not succsessful - pay penalty or spent some time in prison. :)

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In general, I'm very interested in getting in on a start-up like this. If by investor, you mean you'll be putting up all the cash, then I think 50% of the profits would be a fair share for you. Of course, if you choose me as Lead Designer then I'd need a fair cut for my sweat. (I can handle some of the graphic design too.) But it seems far too early to be dividing up the invisible pie. We need to make some money before we can split it up. Send me a private message giving more details about the idea. You can contant indivisuals, just click on the name and then click "Send this user a message." Also, do you plan to publish this game, or use an existing publisher? Anyway, good luck and I hope to hear with you.

P.S. I would much perfer "contracter" or "partner" to "employee."

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