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The Niche Market

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Hey BGDers,

So I am in the early stages of designing a market manipulation strategy game (I think) based around creating wacky animals of different animal parts. Cards are the main component.

While I know the theme is not super original, I am actually more concerned that the mechanics appear in other games I don't know of. Hopefully you all can let me know how original and awesome or terrible this sounds to you. My goal is not ultra-originality, but I do want to avoid making a game that already exists.

The basic gist is that each animal has 5 traits, each of which has only 2 possible values. E.g. Size - big or small, diet - plants or animals, etc.

Each card (animal part) has labels of some of these traits. The majority value of each trait added up for all the cards that make up an animal is the trait that is currently expressed.

Each round, there's a "1,2,3, flip" and each player adds a new card to their creature from their hand. The minority trait over all of the animals gains a Point Value on a counter. The value of each trait, then, changes each round. If 'Big' is the minority 2 rounds in a row, it will be worth 2 points to be big at the end. If 'Small' is minority the next round, being 'Big' is now worth 1 point, and so on.

After 10 rounds, players score their animals by whatever values the Market Counter finished at. Whoever best found their niche (most points) wins.

Thanks a lot all.

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Yes, definitely !

Hi there...

I want to for one to say I definitely think there is a market for these sort of card games !! Many of these I have ordered and look forward to playing ( look up on BGG if you like... Gloom, Looney Bin , Suds and Killer Bunnies to name 4) -- and also I am quite biased-- I have 7 of these sorts of card games in development and I will be post the " first final " drafts of the rules on here to begin feedback this weekend !!

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