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No-Guts poker: Tossing the chips and adding some dice!

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I have never really enjoyed poker. It might be because I am really bad at it or that I feel like the strategy is abstract. So I found myself some poker dice and the colors immediately triggered my "make a game out of this bro" senses.

The reason it is called No-Guts poker is that the bidding element is completely removed. In place of this is the dice mechanic which allows you to make decisions based on what is rolled. On your turn you will roll five dice (preferably poker dice) and resolve two of them for your turn in pursuit of the best poker hand.

Set up is similar to poker: each player gets two cards, the rest of the cards go in the middle of all players, and two cards are flipped up next to the remaining cards.

Dice Actions:

1/Ace => This action is automatically triggered when rolled. Place the top card next to the face up cards already on the table. If there are more than five cards you must flip a card over to its deactivated side. You may also choose to place the card face down and place a card that is deactivated to its activated side - do this only if there are five face up cards active.

If there are in total from all players two Ace's plus two for each player shown throughout the round, the round ends and all cards are shown to see who has the best hand. (2 players = 6 Ace's shown; 3 players = 8 Ace's shown; etc.)

2/Nine => You may draw a face up card and replace it with a card from in hand.

3/Ten => Draw a card from top of the deck. Discard a card from your hand and reveal it before placing it on the bottom of the deck.

4/Jack => Force a player to draw a card and discard a random card from their hand and revealing it before placing it on the bottom of the deck.

5/Queen => Draw a card from the top or bottom of the deck and replace it with a face up card or discard it to the bottom of the deck.

6/King => Force a player to randomly reveal a card from their hand showing all players. The player then places it back into their hand and shuffling their hand.

Rolling rules:

-If you roll any three-of-a-kind or more you must re-roll them before anything triggers
-If you role the last Ace needed to end the round the round immediately ends and you lose your turn

Round end and score:

When all Aces are shown the round ends and all players reveal their hands. Whoever has the best poker hand using up to five cards including the face up cards on the table is the winner of that round and gains 0 points. All other players tally up their points in their hand according to their value.

When someone reaches 100 points the game ends and the one who has the least amount of points wins.

Try it out if you'd like. I have a few times and it seems to bring a good amount of tension and strategy. All you need is five dice and a 52 card deck. Let me know what you think!

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