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Noire, crime thriller RPG with dark humor

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A project that we are developing is a choose-your-own-adventure crime thriller that takes place in Washington D.C. We are the Ministry of Dice and part of our aim as a board game design studio is to tell the story of our dystopian futuristic world where the Ministry of Dice is founded to save our society from the despair caused by technological isolation and disease. The key concepts of our world serve as a background and theme for our RPGs and board games.

That said, we introduce you (our audience) to our world with this adventure and to make the game play translatable to bigger, more popular RPGs because we often hear from new players that it is daunting to 'pick up' games like pathfinder, starfinder or DnD, and intimidating to sit at a table with experienced RPG players. So, we want this publication to serve as an introduction to the basic concepts--character stats, skill checks, & combat--in addition to taking the player through a physiological thriller filled with complex decisions and meaningful consequences.

My question to you: What is, if any, the legal and correct way to make this publication Dnd or Pathfinder-combatible? I've seen other studios publish original content in the style of Dnd/Pathfinder, which is similar to what we would like to do. We're not interested in infringing on any copyrighted content with these publishers, but we would like the character sheet to contain similar content, so that novice players can take some of these basic concepts and feel more confident about approaching an experienced group of players.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.


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D20 System? OGL?

I haven't dallied in RPGs for quite some time. But around the time I took my leave of DnD, there was the D20 System released. I've also heard of Open Game License (OGL) and both of those sound like systems one can use to adapt their own campaign setting and supplemental materials to the pre-existing rulesets published by Wizards of the Coast (or whomever).

There were a number of materials released under the GURPS license as well, now that I think of it. Might they have a similar distribution method, and/or found a way to be compatible with OGL? I don't know.

While looking for game design tools on DriveThru Cards, I saw several things listed on DriveThru RPG that fall into this category. So there's capability to do it, an audience, and a distribution method.

Hopefully there are others who can contribute more to this, but at least it's a start. Good luck to you. :)

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