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Nuclear Power Plant: The Game - Revised Rule Set

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I posted the rule set of a game a while back [ and]. I recently revised the rules after considering the comments I received here and at I am again soliciting comments.

Players act as power utilities competing to be the first to design, license, build, and startup a new nuclear power plant.

Players roll to complete required steps in the process. What has to be rolled is dictated by the reactor design chosen by the player. There is a small worker management mechanic in the form of experts that provide roll bonuses to specific task types. A randomly varying, but influence-able, public approval mechanic affects gameplay for each player. Player construct the power plant as they are awarded pieces of the plant for completing tasks. The first player to complete all the tasks, construct the plant, and startup their power plant wins.

I have significantly decreased the complexity since the last revision and I hope that it is more manageable. I have attached a PDF of the rule set. I will update the associated game journal to reflect the changes.

Let me know what you think.

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