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The OggBoard

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Joined: 08/28/2011

I thought you guys might be interested in a Kickstarter project we just launched called the OggBoard. The OggBoard is an augmented reality board / card game platform that uses devices such as iPhones and iPods.

You can check us out at or on our kickstarter page at You can also view a brief youtube video we put out describing the oggboard here,

We plan to create the initial playing board as well as a couple board / card game apps to launch with it that will be free, but the most exciting part is that we want to have an open license for other developers to create whatever they want for the OggBoard.

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any questions, I'll do the best I can to answer them.
Thanks for looking.


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Joined: 12/20/2010
Best of Luck!

This looks like a great game platform. Innovative and modern. Best of luck!

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Joined: 08/17/2011
Awesome! Looks really good

Awesome! Looks really good man, what I would do, to help your kickstarter fund and massively increase your views on youtube and chances of going viral etc is if you have a working prototype at all, to program in a working copy of something nice and simple like chess or checkers that show a fully functioning and working game using your board. Best of luck my friend!

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