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Omens, Fair and Ill

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Hi all.

I'm working on a maybe-CCG (dunno format just yet; I like being able to give people everything at one time so NCCG isn't off the table) revolving around "reading" omens in play as a way to trigger sleeping cards (either in play or in your hand).

I'm just kind of running out of ideas for things that:

1) Are omens, of good, of ill, or of indeterminite goodness/illness based on other factors (e.g. a thunderstorm would be a BAD omen if you were on a flood plain, but a damn good one in the desert, perhaps...that's a terrible example, but I think you catch my meaning).

2) are actions you would take only if the "stars aligned" or weren't necessarily aligned.

I want/don't mind a mashed-up, anachronistic feel to things too-- sampling fantasy, parallel world, sci-fi, etc. from all sorts of time periods. I figured doing a big catch-all in the base set, then branching off (ala Munchkin, sorta) into more specific themes might be fun. Shit, MTG's doing loads of that these days.

Anything you give me to try out I'd be respectful of too-- even if it's metaphysical or religious-- the concept here is that something good/bad is on the horizon.

Thanks as always in advance...

PS: Is there email notification for forum replies? I seem to be missing it.

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Since omens deal with a force

Since omens deal with a force outside of natural laws (the future and its implications), you could largely deal in ANY symbolism reminiscent of the supernatural. Just borrow symbolism from any of the following:

- Astrology (horoscopes either oriental or occidental)
- Numerology
- Divination
- Auguries
- Superstitions
- Folklore
- Tarot
- Dream Interpretations
- Blood Type
- Mythologies
- Urban Legends

A white bull calf being born, the number thirty-three, a flock of black birds taking flight, a travel from west to east, a frog that screams, a blue rose, catching moonlight in a teacup, red sky at night, a curse that kills the owner of a kimono, bees disappearing, a lunar eclipse during a winter solstice...


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Nice list!

I have few of those actually! Thanks. And, bonus, I got this book a few years back that's the encyclopedia of symbols, so I plan on getting loads from that. I pussed out and did the fair/ill pair on a bunch, but I might go back and change a few; yours are EXCELLENT.

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gives a lot of simple symbols that you could use.

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