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The OPEN "Deck Piles"

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Joined: 04/16/2011

As I was thinking about "Quest AC2", I thought that instead of having a 60 card Deck which could be build using "Deck Construction" away from the game... I also thought about having four (4) Deck Piles, one for each Track:

1. Terrors
2. Heroisms
3. Encounters
4. Boons

And then I said, 60 cards and you can categorize your Deck Piles as defined...

But today, I got a BETTER idea: "What if you had four (4) Deck Piles and you put whatever cards you liked into them!"

Sorta like "OPEN" Deck Piles! So you could use those four (4) Deck Piles ANY way you want to... Of course you could use our method for each Track. But you could also imagine your own way of classifying the cards for a match-up (Head to Head).

What do you guys think about this concept/idea???

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