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Open World Game where you are seeking 6 easter eggs.

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It is a competitive game. You walk around and talk to 6 characters (non-player). You need to do some tasks for them to be cooperative with the four different questions that you ask. If you hit on the right question with right encouragement then the character will give you an item. If right encouragement but wrong question then they give you a hint to deal with another character. The only question is other than an app for smartphone etc. how do the hidden information calculation without telling the players exactly what they need to get the right encouragement?

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In saying "open world" I

In saying "open world" I would assume there is more than 6 NPC's players can interact with?

In any case probably an adventure book like Above and Below or SeaFall that gives you options with "if you chose A, turn to page 108" or "if you chose B, turn to page 5" or "if you choose C, then give item 10"

And have another player read out the prompt.

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