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Parody version of Settlers of Catan [trigger warning: weight issues]

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I just came up with another game. It started out as an absolute joke, but given that Cards Against Humanity is selling like hotcakes with raunchy humor...

The problem is that it's an extension of an existing game...and I'm concerned that it may make a light of a medical issue which may quite serious for some people and is endemic in our society nowadays.

On the other hand, it could suggest improvements to Catan's gameplay and give people who don't have 9 points near the end a chance to catch up.

So, without further ado, I give you SETTLERS OF GADOL!

Where does the word Gadol come from? Well, in Hebrew, it means "large". You may be interested to know that the word for "small" is pronounced "qatan".

The game is basically identical to Settlers of Catan. You have to gain 10 virtual pounds as fast as possible. The resources are donuts, pizza, cookies, and so forth. The tiles of course make the board look like Candy Land. You put houses on the streets around the candy stores (later mansions) and see what goodies come in!

Instead of the robber, we have the Nutritionist. While the Nutritionist is on the tile the tile cannot produce candy. The Nutritionist starts out on the one square that does not produce resources: the organic farm.

The bottom of the lid on the game box won't have instructions for the game: it will be nutrition information for people who need help. The instructions will be on a sheet of paper inside.
There are variations of the gameplay which I was considering as well.

1. On each turn, a player may role 1d12 (1 or 12 summon the Nutritionist), 2d6 (7 summons the Nutritionist), or 3d4 (7 summons the Nutritionist, about 19%). Note 7 on a 1d12 will produce nothing.

2. To incapacitate players in the lead more fully, you can place the Nutritionist on a house. That house cannot acquire resources from the neighboring tiles. This can only be done to a player who is in the lead or tied for the lead.

3. When someone has 9 points, rolling the roll that summons the Nutritionist causes him or her to dump his or her whole hand.

That's all I can think of right now.
NOTE: A board game which you can play for a few weeks (or any game for that matter) to improve your health in general would be a godsend, I think.

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Clever, though your main

Clever, though your main problem is that you'd get sued...

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I agree that I appreciate the

I agree that I appreciate the pun, and the theme is interesting, but there would be some issues past copyright. I only got the name pun because you explained it. So the part of your audience who can't speak Hebrew won't make the connection.

I also think the bit about the nutritionist is funny, but honestly the title nutritionist seems at odds with the rest of the game. It makes sense, but it doesn't seem to fit a fantasy game where the homes are centered around shops churning out candy.

Honestly, rather than a parody, I would take this as a base to make an original game. Keep the theme and the idea of this crazed healthnut stopping your respectable candy dealings. Try working the game around cards or a board, so your mind doesn't get stuck to using Catan mechanics, and then test it out!

Lastly, I don't think the title is offensive or fat-shaming. Moreso, I just think you can have a better title. I'd be more worried about nutritionists getting miffed than the use of Gadol. (Then again, I only know what it means via your translation, so if it's more offensive, like saying fat*ss, then yeah, I definitely wouldn't use it.

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