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Pitch-down Design? Contest?

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A "classic" pitch often is boiled-down to "a combination between ____ and ____." This is not my preference when making a pitch, but it is a simple way to convey the message.

People ask me what rugby is like and I call it "a combination between football, soccer, wrestling, and red rover." Australian football is usually "a combination of soccer, basketball, football, and ultimate frisbee."

Since we're all out-of-the-box thinkers here, I thought this would be an interesting design: [b]Combine two (or three) games that currently exist to make one of your own.[/b]

If this is a contest, it would be distinct from the GDS (but I'm not sure exactly how or how much). The point is, you are considering a game that is best described as a combination between two others.

Tic-tac-toe and chess?
Pop-o-matic Trouble and Catan?
Advanced Squad Leader and Blackjack?

Anyone interested in making this a separate forum, contest, or what-not?

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I've actually been working on

I've actually been working on a mash-up of War and Solitaire. It revolves around a game topic of assassination plots with the theme focusing on a military coup.

I also made a game last month mashing up rules from Solitaire and Minesweeper. The game topic of is immediate risk/reward with the theme centered on bomb disposal in post-war countries.


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