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Pocket Ice Hockey - anyone willing to playtest for me?

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Pocket Ice Hockey D6 tables (beta version)

Pocket Ice Hockey - Quick play rules –– 3 periods – 5mins each

Note - final game will have custom colour coded dice with words the table and D6 is just for playtesting

Winning a FACE OFF – A Face Off occurs when the symbol FO appears. Both players roll a D6 – highest roll wins the Face Off. Start of play begins with a Face Off in the Centre (C) position.

The player winning the puck, will then start by rolling the Centre (C ) die, and follow the actions on the die roll.

Positions and passing of the puck will be shown by an action word on each die, and a letter next to it to represent where/which position the puck will move to. You’ll then roll the corresponding die and follow the next action and so on. The letter ‘T’ represents a turnover, the puck is lost to your opponent and they will take possession and continue play.

Turnovers will be in the same place. Lost puck on the Wing, your opponent will start attacking from the Wing. However, if you lose the puck on your Defensive line, your opponent’s Forward will be swooping on it and starting from there.

The FOUR main positions for the attacking (in possession of the puck) team:

Defense (D) ‘Dumped T’ sends the puck down to the other end of the ice to your opponents (D)
Centre (C)
Wing (W)
Forward (F)
Shot (S) The (C)(W)(F) all have chances to shoot on goal

The TWO main positions for the defending team:

The neutral die
Referee (Whistle)

Most of the time, your players will be PASSING between positions on the ice until they get a shot (S) on goal. A shot will either result in a 1/6 GOAL, a turnover, a Face Off or 3/6 On Target. If it’s on target….your opponent will roll the GOALIE die and see the result.

A Rebound will mean a reroll of the SHOT (S) die. The Video Ref will mean a reroll of the GOALIE die.

A Face Off in the Defensive area will be between the player in possession of the puck’s (D) against the observing opponent’s Forward

Example – I roll the (D) and it’s a Face Off – so we’ll both take a turn rolling the D6 to see who has the high roll to win the Face Off. If I win, I retain possession with my (D) – if my opponent wins, he’ll take possession with his (F)

The Enforcer – on each of your 4 positions (D)(C)(W)(F) there is a ‘Deke’ maneuver. The player is moving the puck along the ice and is open to be checked by your opponent’s Enforcer.

The Enforcer’s die has 2 faces that successfully turnover (T) the puck, 1 face that injures the attacker, 1 face that calls on the referee and his WHISTLE and another 2 faces that have no result and the attacker skates past and plays on in the same position.

Player injuries (are a good and bad thing!)
If your player is injured, it means he loses his SHOT (S) ability until the end of the period* This die face will become an immediate [T] turnover also shown on the die face, until the end of the period.

As the Enforcer, you run the risk of being sent off the ice until the end of the period* You’ll no longer be able to check players when the ‘Deke’ until the next period.

Elbow / Roughing / Cross check – all result in being sent from the ice for the rest of the period.
Charging FO results in a Face Off in the area where the infringement happened....the defensive zone near that net.

**FIGHTING – yes – this is an option.
Fighting is resolved roll by roll. The Enforcer that started the Fight will punch first. Take turns rolling the Enforcer die – any ‘X’ rolled is a landed punch. First player to land 3 punches wins the fight.

No players are sent off the ice after a Fight, however….two things happen:
-The team that lost the fight will lose ‘morale’ and a -1 will be applied to all Face Off rolls for the remainder of the game.
-Both teams cannot use the Enforcer for the remainder of the period*

You can try to FIGHT again later to even up your morale....but you may suffer another beat down and an additional -1 to your Face Off ability.

PENALTY SHOT – all faces become GOAL except for the two SAVE faces

That's it in a I'm not entirely up to speed with Ice Hockey terminology.....any feedback would be great!! So put on your skates and tooks and get rolling!

Joined: 01/06/2009
C'mon guys :)

There has to be some Ice Hockey fans on here?

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