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poker drafting idea

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Any thoughts in this?

-Players will be dealt 3 face up cards in a vertical column.

-Players will then draft 12 cards (three turns, 4 cards per turn) 7 Wonders style placing them next to the 3 vertical cards that will form a 3x5 grid of cards at the end of the round.

-Players will have three betting chips (say $0,$4,$8) and will place one on each row by the end of the turn. For example, before turn one, they place one chip, before turn two place two remaining chips, before turn three may move any two chips.

-At the end of three turns, each row of 5 cards will be scored for the best poker hand.

-For each of three three rows won at the end of the round, the player will get the betting chips from other players. Play three rounds.

Also, each card will have a symbol on the left side and right side of the card (4 total symbols among the cards). For lower, weaker cards (1-5), each pair of cards that have matching symbols connected to each other on the grid, gets $2. For higher cards (5-11,12,13), each matching symbol will get $1. Players will be awarded this money at the end of each round.

Sound fun? Maybe another way to place side bets with money earned from matching symbols? Thanks in advance.

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