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The Producers - WIP

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(Before i start, im blogging my entire experience at if you want to follow)

Was wondering if anyone has any constructive critisism about a game im currently playtesting?
Its intended to have a old school family game vibe, aimed at a younger audience:

"Players assume the role of a movie producer, and proceed around the movie-themed board collecting cards based on these aspects of movies: Actors, Directors, Location and Genre. Each of these cards, except genre, has a star-rating system out-of-5 for each genre in the game - and also a price for each card

The players goal throughout is to form a movie (card set) and when ready turn it in to the "Studio" space. Here the movie is placed into the center of the board, and required money is paid to the bank. Once handed in they proceed to the Cinema/Theatre space where their movie is released and they may calculate profit.

Profit is calculated first by adding the total amount of stars on the cards in your movie, based on the genre - then divide this number by 4 to see how many dice you roll for profit
(For example, say you have an action movie. You add all the action-stars for a total of 14 - this divides to 3.5 which rounds up to 4 Dice - we roll a 12 making us $12M)

The final stage is to draw a Critic's card to see how the critics react to your movie, and in-turn your profits!

Players rinse and repeat until they have enough money to win the game (in the standard game mode)

Through the board are are spaces for #Trending cards - these put players against one another. They may result in a player losing cards or money, to cease a movie's production!

Players may also sue each other if they land on the same space, for a chance to win money and cards from one-another "

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Have you looked at similar

Have you looked at similar games that already exist? For instance, there is this one by Reiner Knizia:

There is also this one:

My first game to reach prototype stage had a movie-producing theme too. I read your summary above and I couldn't help thinking "this sounds a lot like my game". Anyway, when I found there were already a few games just like it out there, I moved on to something else.

If you plan on going forward with this, you should take a look at what's out there and figure out: how is my game different from all of these? Because any publisher you approach with it will ask you the question.

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There were several TV and

There were several TV and movie producer games at Essen last year. Are you sure the name won't cause confusion?

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Minor/cultural thing

This is only a minor thing & might be more cultural than anything else (I'm Australian) but I find the idea of a kid/family friendly game that teaches people to sue each other 'wrong' & it would actually put me off buying it to play with my kids.

Perhaps they could poach the actor/s (buy a card but the $ goes into the manager/central bank) for 1.5x the value the card contributes to the movies profits instead? It still has the 'take that' aspect that I've found kids like without the negative connotations of suing someone. Just an idea anyway. Good luck with the game.

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