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Project: SpookySpookyScaryScary

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My name is Matt, I've been inspired to design a boardgame after playing Catan several times over the the holiday period. I've read up on Jesse Schell's "The Art of Game Design: a book of lenses" and the different theories behind "Euro" vs. "Ameritrash".

Presenting: SpookySpookyScaryScary (Yes, it's the temporary title)

In this game, players are high school students escaping from an archetypical 80s slasher monster. The monster hunts down the player's pawns without mercy, and cannot be defeated, only distracted or stalled. The players' goal is to search the mansion and gather the necessary parts to get the car started to escape.

The Mechanics: The players control pawns on a tile based map that is revealed through exploration, the map is linear but as more of the map is explored shortcuts are revealed. There are "Hiding Spaces" spaced through the path that the players search for cards that give them additional Pawns, Abilities, or Monster Events. The Monster (controlled autonomously) jumps out of Hiding Spaces and marks one of the Pawns with its "focus" and hunts it down.

I've developed more, but this post is getting long. My questions are: -You've all played more games than I have, does this sound similar to something out there? -What would you want to see in a game like this? -What kind of 80s Slasher monster scares you the most?

Here is concept art: DSCF7851


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