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Quick card game for kids/party game

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I came up with an idea for a quick little party-type game. It only is a deck of cards that contains some story cards a few rules cards, numbered item cards and memory cards (cards that say item x is number 1, item y is number 2 and so on).

The theme seems a bit pasted on, because of the restrictions in the clue giving, and I thought maybe one of you has an idea how to fix this.
Also I don't really know yet how the guessing players will agree on one card without pointing.

This basically is the whole game without the items and the memory cards:

1st Card: On a rainy Sunday afternoon you visit an exhibition of ancient documents from medieval times. In a small and quiet room this book draws your attention.

2nd Card: Picture of book
Setup: Please give every player a memory card (white back)

3rd Card: Full of excitement you look at it and wonder why it is not featured more prominently. After a while you are finished skimming through it and want to go see the rest of the exhibition. Suddenly it happens. Someone in your group brushes the base with the book sitting on top. With a dull „thwomp“ the book falls to the ground and its pages fly everywhere.

4th Card: Setup: Turn the deck over, take the cards with the red back to the side, put the box upright on the table, place the deck on it and then push it over.
First it is probably advisable to organize the pages. Put the cards face up on the table for a better overview.

1st Rules Card: Each player secretly looks at his memory card and puts it face down on the table. This card symbolizes your memory of the original book.

2nd Rules Card: The player with the numbers 1-10 on his memory card starts the game by making one (1) gesture with his hands to give a clue to what the first page of the book was.

3rd Rules Card: (Picture where you can see a guard through the door) Numbers, hints on positions of cards and direct pointing to cards are not allowed, because the guard is already a little suspicious.

4th Rules Card: Additionally, you can not speak at all, because this would draw the guard’s attention and, you know it always is dead quiet in a museum anyway.
After the gesture of the starting player, the others are allowed to debate without a word/sound. Again no pointing, no numbers. If you agree on a card, place it face down on the table, gradually forming a 40-card stack that you place on top of the box and then quickly leave the room.

5th Rules Card: The player who made the gesture can not nod or a shake their head if the card is incorrect/correct.

6th Rules Card: At the end of the game the guard comes in and compares the book with the memory cards. Players are awarded a point for each page in its correct position.

If somebody takes the time to read all this I would love some feedback.

Thanks guys

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Some Thoughts

Had a read through your rules and guidelines. Here are a few thoughts.

- 40 cards seems like a lot to remember, even 10 items on a single card. Is there some other way you can divide these pages?

- Is this supposed to be the same arrangement every time? Is there a way you can devise a organization method that engenders more replayability to your puzzle?

- At this point, it seems like the game lacks urgency, but is high on frustration due to the "no gestures" challenge you've presented. Have you considered perhaps relaxing your restrictions a bit, and replacing them with a time limit? Maybe the museum is closing soon and you need to be outta there in 5 minutes.

This kind of reminds me of the Mr. Bean feature-length film, where he stays up all night attempting to fake and replace the original Whistler's Mother painting with a "creatively distressed" poster. There's potential in this idea, so keep working at it.

Joined: 03/21/2018
Memory cards

So far players don't have to remember the order. They just "read" it from their memory cards. For example: Item 1 is the knight with the sword, item 2 is the duck, item 3 is the castle...
There will be more memory cards with different orders on them, so there should be at least some replayability.

There sure could also be a variant with fewer items but players need to really memorize the deck and then put it back together.

I also thought of implementing a timer. Maybe it is better to restrict players that way and go a little easier on the communication.

I have to watch the Mr. Bean movie for inspiration!

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