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Rainbow Dice Game

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I don't know if this forum is for mostly finished games or just starting ones. Anyway I'm new to the site and not sure how everything works yet so I'm posting this and I also made a Game Journal on the game.
This is a dice game based on February’s Game Design Showdown. I only found the site during the last week of February and only thought of this game on the 28th so I couldn’t possibly enter. I’m putting it up though just because I like it. I haven’t had a chance to play test it and there are still some issues I’m sorting out.
Players: 2-3
Estimated Play Time: I don’t really know, fairly short.
Components: 36 six sided dice, two sides blue, two sides red, two sides yellow and 18 half sized cards. Cards are in the attachment.
Initial set up: Take two dice out of the box and lay all 18 cards face up on the table, you may put them in any order you like but it’s suggested that you order them from the lowest number of dice required to the highest. Determine who goes first by each rolling a dice and the player who gets the colour which is first alphabetically goes first. In case of a tie roll again.
Game play: On their turn each player rolls however many dice they currently have. They then look at the dice and depending on what was rolled may do one of several things. If all of the dice are the same colour the player may take an additional die from the box. If the dice are of different colours the player may look to see if they match any of the cards available and may take one with which they match. Players may take only one card per turn.
If a player has cards they may play them after rolling the dice and before resolving their turn. Each card has a name and the colours required to take the card with arrows between them. After rolling the dice the player may decide to return the card to the stack to change a die showing one of the colours indicated on the card to another colour which it is pointing to. For example Orange could be returned to change a yellow die to red. Anywhere white is indicated on a card you may choose any of the three colours.
Winning the game: The goal of the game is to get to twelve dice, the maximum possible, and make one of the winning combinations. The winning combinations are Rainbow, Monochrome, or Quadruple White. If at any point a player has one of the winning combinations that player immediately wins the game.
Notes: The number of the dice in the game could be reduced to twelve if the players were given an easy means of keeping track of their current number of dice, a sliding track or small chips would both work, in this game it might be possible to expand the game to four players but the number of available cards might be too limited. Another variation would be to make it so after a winning roll each other player gets one more roll and if they also get a winning roll the tying players contest to see who can get the most dice of the same colour. I’m not really sure if the browns will work well, another thing I might do with them is instead of changing two dice allowing you to discard the card permanently for an extra dice. It’s been said that creativity is knowing how to hide your sources, I’m not all that creative so I’ll tell you that I got inspired to make this game after watching a video on Um Krone und Kragen on Board Games with Scott, here’s the link Also if anyone has better suggestions for colour names, for example a better replacement for Reddish Brown that would be great.

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cottonwoodhead wrote:I don't

cottonwoodhead wrote:
I don't know if this forum is for mostly finished games or just starting ones. Anyway I'm new to the site and not sure how everything works yet so I'm posting this and I also made a Game Journal on the game.

BGDF is a good resource both for games that are just starting out as well as games about ready to submit to publishers.

Welcome to the Forums! I posted a comment in your journal already :)

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