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the real life

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i was bord out of my mind last night when i thought up
a new game wiche in a way was really no game at all
it was the game of life like really life
when you worked you got payed
then each day you drew a card and it said buy food - 50$
or you get a raise +250$
or some thing like that

any comments

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One great thing about games

One great thing about games is they can let you get away from reality for a bit.

If given the option of the same game with a theme of either working in an office trying to get my work done so I don’t get fired or working on a bomb squad trying to diffuse the bomb before if blows me sky high I’ll go with the bomb. In real life I’ll stick with the office work.

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niche market

you should advertise cubicle-themed games to local police

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