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Reshuffle - survive the election

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I have been toying with a new card game called 'Reshuffle' about being cabinet ministers in a time of politcal problems. My aim would be to make the game tactical with a good humorous bent.

The basic idea I have at the moments is that each person will get dealt a position at the start of the game, each position having some kind of special ability and also a type of event that affects them most: education, military etc.

The mechanic of the game would revolve around gaining influence, so that when a reshuffle happens you can choose to get the best position.

Cards would be things like scandals, news events etc. The deck is played face up, the players trying to avoid bad cards, and collect good ones they can play.

During a turn a player can spend capital, a refreshing resource, to bury scandals from their hand at the bottom of the deck, push through bills etc. They can also affect other people's hands by spending capital to 'leak' cards in the hope of revealing a 'scandal'.

Drawing from the deck would form a major part of the mechanic, but I can't see it yet. How you can force other people to draw cards, how you can avoid it etc.

Anyone, initial thoughts on the idea anyone?

All the best

Iain McAllister

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