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The resistance is rising but is still too weak to stage a coup. the resistance player must quietly work against the government while the government tries to uncover their plans and snag their leader.
The game is composed of a city map with important civic buildings and various districts on the map. The government plays mostly with tokens face up and the revolution plays mostly with tokens face down. Every time the government makes a move against the revolution the population feels more oppressed. How angry the population is depends on how many civilians end up getting caught in the crossfire and how much press the event gets. As such the government must do its best to guess the location of the revolution in time, but if the government just waits then the population's anger rises automatically.
The revolution's goal is to destroy civic buildings and destabilize the government. The revolution is always weaker then the government until near the end of the game. As the government destabilizes more and more citizens join the cause. If the revolution accidentally kills civilians, or purposely, then they tend to lose support. The revolution can also use the press to try to reveal the corruption and failures of the government, however when the revolution publishes stories it makes itself more vurnable.
Ways for the government to lose/ the revolution wins, the head of government is disposed, popular anger hits a certain level or a certain number of civic buildings are destroyed.
The government wins if the revolutionary leader is killed, popular anger goes below a certain level or enough members of the revolution are killed.
This is one of a number of posts that I'm doing in a short amount of time out of my notebook. Most of them have a heavy theme focus and very little in the way of mechanics, comments are welcome and appreciated.

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